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By Mike Johnson on 2013-06-28 10:00:00
Hello just got finished watching TNA Impact where they revealed Suicide true identity. My question is are they going to keep the character or let TJ Perkins be himself. I really love the app and PWinsider

One would think that the way they presented Perkins, he won't be Suicide going forward, but you never know.

This may seem like a crazy question but how many Kevin Sullivans are there? There's of course "The Taskmaster" Kevin Sullivan but there's also the Kevin Sullivan who writes books or something for WWE and another one that was with TNA since 2005. Are these all different guys? Is Kevin Sullivan the most common name in pro wrestling?

There are three different Sullivans. The TNA exec, the WWE author and the Gamesmaster. It is a common name in the business. Believe it or not, there was also another person named Bret Hart working for the WWF office at the same time the Bret Hart you know was a top star there. That must have made sorting mail for them a pain. However, let's not forget that the most common name in wrestling is actually Doink - there are a lot of them running around!

Has turning Mickie James heel hurt her new album sales? Usually when it's time to sell a new product you would turn someone face.

You are right, but welcome to wrestling. My understanding is that it hasn't hurt the sales. She's still starting out as a musical artist, so she's only going to move so much. She's still trying to build a foundation in that world.

Any idea who WWE has in mind to win the wwe title money in the bank match? There does seem to be a few logical ways they could go. What're the chance of CM Punk winning the briefcase and cutting a promo the next night about how he now has a guaranteed mania 30 main event because that's where he'll be cashing in?

It seems to me that this summer will be all about Daniel Bryan, but that said, I haven't heard any specific decision being made yet on who's getting the briefcase.

It was reported that The Briscoes who recently departed ROH was considering signing with WWE if the opportunity presented itself. There was some hesitation due to the Briscoes interest in maintaining close ties with family. WWE is noted for its long & grueling travel schedule that being away from home has become the norm. TNA however has been said to have a much easier road schedule than WWE. After time away from wrestling do you see The Briscoes considering TNA than WWE for that reason alone?

For the amount of money they could make in TNA, they may as well stay home and work for Ring of Honor. WWE provides life-changing salaries. TNA does not in many cases.

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