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By Dave Scherer on 2013-06-26 09:59:00

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I understand that RVD had indy dates to fill prior to his WWE return, but without that even being a factor don't you feel its a smart move to promote his return for the month prior to MiTB?

Absolutely.  They used CM Punk in the same manner last month.  The idea is to see if a returning superstar can increase the buyrates of the shows.  I think it's a great idea.

I had a question in regards to WWE signing a wrestler, in this case Rob Van Dam. RVD is suppose to return at Money In The Bank, yet he still has indy dates scheduled. Assuming he is going to wrestle at the PPV, wouldn't this be a risk on WWE for hyping up a returning superstar yet having the risk that Rob Van Dam could injure himself at a indy wrestling show? Considering RVD's high risk style, you would think WWE would have him cancel the appearances and they pay the indy promote money to protect themselves and help the promotion. Your thoughts?

There are always risks involved like that but RVD has signed for dates and will honor them, as they should.  He is a pro's pro and knows how to take care of himself.  He isn't a guy with a long record of injuries.  I have no problem with WWE promoting his return or him living up to his word before he gets there.

Could this be it?? A few weeks ago I asked the question of who was the first African-American to hold the WWE championship, and after last nights RAW, do you see Mark Henry as being the first guy to do so? I think he should, given his incredible loyalty to the company as well as him being a bona fide future hall of famer. Your thoughts?

I am with you.  Henry has never really been given the chance to be the guy.  I would love to see him get it now.  As I mentioned earlier, Cena doesn't need the belt.  A Henry win here would be a lot of fun storyline wise.  I don't see why they wouldn't do it.

It's easily noticeable that ever since Brock Lesnar returned to the WWE last year, he's always worn a t-shirt with the Jimmy John's logo on the back of it. On top of that, his new trunks incorporate the logo as well. Does he have some sort of endorsement deal with JJ that continued from his UFC days? Why does WWE allow this, especially considering that the logo is Photoshopped out in official WWE merchandise or games featuring Lesnar?

Lesnar was in a great position to get a lot of concessions in his WWE deal and he took great advantage of that.  It's not often that guys can dictate terms to WWE but Lesnar was in a position to be able to do so.

You should do a poll on which McMahon is most popular and include HHH. Vince, Linda, Stephanie, HHH, and Shane. My money's on Shane.

I think Ed would edge out Jim myself.

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