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By Dave Scherer on 2013-06-24 09:59:00

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First of where do WWE keep all their props? For example where is the Hell in a Cell and Elimination Chamber kept when not in use and what do WWE do with these props when they are no longer in use? For example the old blue steel cage used at WrestleMania 2, does that go into to storage or be scraped? When WWE eventually open their physical Hall of Fame do you think they will put these props on display, it be pretty amazing to stand inside Hell in a Cell. Finally do WWE keep old historic items such as the chair The Rock battered Mick Foley with at the '99 Royal Rumble, again do you think these would go on display?

They have a fleet of tractor trailers that go to all the shows that have pretty much anything that they will need for almost any occasion.

WWE keeps everything in a CT warehouse in case they ever want it again for archival purposes, such as AXXESS displays or their potential Hall of Fame.

A year long build as heel involving disrespectful and despicable angles for CM Punk only to turn him in a year? Doesn't that leave WWE without a legitimate top heel?

The fans have been deciding for a while that Punk isn't a heel and WWE is making the right call in listening to them.  There are heels that can be pushed, for sure.  All it takes is pushing them properly.  In the case of Punk, I just hope that if they book him as a face, they let him be who he is, not change him into a baby kisser like they did last time.

Hi, this isn't really a set question but more of your observation on the WWE product in recent times and the possibilities the future holds. The 6/17th edition of Raw was the first time I have sat and watched the whole episode since Raw 1000, the quality was so much higher than usual and with the Wyatt family to come, RVD's return, Daniel Bryan's big push, The Shield and Punk v Lesnar etc it really feels like they have a chance to enter a new era and make some new stars, as well as cementing the likes of Punk, Ziggler and Bryan as very top level guys so come Wrestlemania they aren't relying on The Rock and the obligatory Stone Cold talk. We all know Vince's record, but surely he can't make this up, right? Or am I getting far too carried away?

The last two Raws have been really good.  I hope it's the start of a trend too.  We will get a better idea later today I guess.

Is it just me or the new Main Event Mafia storyline is baseless? Firstly, Sting complains about no one coming to his aid at Slammiversary and then goes on to revive the faction with two men who could've helped him at Slammiversary but chose not to.

Yeah, it doesn't make a whole lot of sense.  Sting is saying, "Hey guys that abandoned me, come help me now since guys abandoned me."  Once again, Sting is booked as the biggest dope in the wrestling business.

If Sting had gone to the WWE years ago, don't you think they would have killed his character/legacy? Consider what they did to DDP. He was red hot for a few years in WCW. The real Peoples Champ. He goes to WWE and they make him into a stalker. If they would have left his character alone, he would have gone over big. Booker T as well. He goes to WWE only to be made to look inferior to The Rock. Booker was able to persevere and make it thru regardless. I couldn't help but think at the time what a crock that was. Seriously, who had a more storied career, Booker T or the Rock? Sting was probably right not going to WWE. They would have renamed him and made him Doink the clowns brother! Shame though. I would have loved to see Sting vs Shawn Michaels.

Given their track record with former WCW stars, it was definitely a concern for Sting and I believe one of, if not THE, major reason that he never went to WWE.  Given how the other guys have been booked, Sting had a right to be concerned.  He may be booked as a sucker on TV but he isn't one in real life.

As for who had the more storied career between Rock and Booker, if you really think it was the latter it is time to put down the pipe my friend!

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