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By Mike Johnson on 2013-06-22 10:00:21
I have always wanted to know where was Bruno Sammartino during WrestleMania 3? If my memory is correct he was still working with the company before and after WrestleMania 3, however not too long after. He did not make an appearance at the event on camera at least, was he even there? I have never heard any comment or thoughts about the biggest event of the 80's from the great Bruno Sammartino.

Bruno was with the company at that point, but he wasn't used at the event. Bruno doesn't discuss Mania 3 because he prefers not to discuss that era of his career. He was there to help his son and feels that was used to get him back in the ring. He has never been happy about that.

What is wrong with the WWE these days, why is it not as exciting, the PG era stinks, and so on are always the question. Maybe I am simplistic however from my point of view there are 2 problems that can be fixed to make the product more exciting. First, use bullet points in promos, not memorizing a script word for word, this brings out the performers charisma and inside where they reach the casual person better. During the 80's rise though roughly 2001 this built characters and let them evolve. Second, build a feud (even without a belt, just a reason to have a confrontation), angle, or story for most of the roster, have it evolve and be completed in 4-9 months. I remember many feuds such as Billy Jack Haynes vs. Hercules, Greg Valentine vs. Ron Garvin, Ahmed Johnson vs Farooq, Hacksaw Duggan vs Andre the Giant, and many more. My question is if I think this, how come the people in power can not think of it?

The reality is that the company sees themselves as more of an action-adventure series now and not just a pro wrestling show, so there are always going to be changes in comparison with the presentation. Plus, it's a different era and everything is better when it's looked at from a nostalgic point of view.

In a recent Q and A you mentioned that Max Moon was done Paul Diamond but wasn't Diamond a replacement for Konnan? I've heard this before and recently watched the Max vs. Shawn Michaels IC title mach from Raw years ago that definately looks like Konnan.

That was Diamond against Michaels on the first Raw. Konnan worked dark matches but was gone from the company well before the character ever debuted on television. Every Moon appearance on TV was Paul Diamond.

Given the impromptu angle with Daniel Bryan and Triple H arguing over Bryan's match stoppage...what're the chances wwe takes advantage of the circumstance and changes directions letting Bryan feud with Triple H while dragging Cena and Mark Henry out a bit longer than we were expecting?

No real chance. The angle online was done because whatever attention and play the situation might get, WWE wanted it for themselves as opposed to websites like ours.

What ever happened to former Knockout star Sarita after TNA allowed her contract to expire? Any chance she might return sometime this year?

She's been working in Mexico. TNA letting her go was a ridiculous decision in my mind. I don't expect her to return. Why would you when you are used so terribly?

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