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By Mike Johnson on 2013-06-20 18:02:56

There's been a lot of rumors today about Colt Cabana and WWE stemming from an online report that he recently had tryouts. In speaking to a WWE source about the Matt Striker departure, the source noted that the tryouts were anything but recent - one happened in 2012 and another happened this past February. I was told that after the CM Punk DVD came out, there were several in WWE who wanted to take a look at Cabana as an announcer because they liked how he came off on the DVD's documentary. Cabana had previously done announcing in FCW while he was signed to a developmental deal. The story making the rounds is worded to sound like CM Punk had gotten him tryouts, but the source I spoke to said that is incorrect and it was something that the company did on their own. Cue your own line about how silly it is that someone that talented wasn't brought in, but you never know.

Speaking of Striker, he is available for bookings immediately.

WWE has shut down the NXT and FCW websites. Both are now pointing to a new WWE NXT section of the WWE website, which you can check out by clicking here.

The next Winter Park, FL NXT taping is 7/11 with Dolph Ziggler appearing.

Mick Foley's post-Summerslam show in Los Angeles will be 9:30 PM Pacific at the Hollywood Improv.

George Steele is currently in the midst of a book signing tour.  Steele will be signing on the following dates and locations:

Date/Time: 06.21.13. 7:00 pm

Location: Barnes & Noble

Address: 240 Route 22 West

City: Springfield, NJ 07081

Phone: (973) 376-8544


Date/Time: 07.15.13. 7:00 pm

Location: Barnes & Noble

Address: 3235 Washtenaw Ave

City: Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Phone: (734) 973-0846


Date/Time: 07.18.13. 7:00 pm

Location: Barnes & Noble

Address: 500 South Main Street

City: Royal Oak, MI 48067

Phone: (248) 336-9490


Date/Time: 07.19.13. 7:00 pm

Location: Barnes & Noble

Address: 3195 28th Street SE

City: Grand Rapids, MI 49512

Phone: (616) 940-0820


Date/Time: 07.20.13. 2:00 pm

Location: Barnes & Noble

Address: 396 John R. Road

City: Troy, MI 48083

Phone:  (248) 577-5064


Date/Time: 07.25.13. 7:00 pm

Location: Barnes & Noble

Address: 131 Colonie Center

City: Colonie, NY 12205

Phone: 518-438-1728


Date/Time: 07.26.13. 7:00 pm

Location: Barnes & Noble

Address: 3454 Erie Boulevard East

City: Dewitt, NY 13214

Phone: (315) 449-2948


Date/Time: 07.27.13. 7:00 pm

Location: Barnes & Noble

Address: 3349 Monroe Avenue

City: Rochester, NY 14618

Phone: (585) 586-6020


Date/Time: 07.28.13. 2:00 pm

Location: Barnes & Noble

Address: 1565 Niagara Falls Blvd.

City: Amherst, NY 14228

Phone: (716) 834-1550


Date/Time: 08.16.13. 7:00 pm

Location: Barnes & Noble

Address: 301 S Hills Village

City: Pittsburgh, PA 15241

Phone: (412) 835-0379

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