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By Dave Scherer on 2013-06-20 11:03:28

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It seems WWE superstars can't find success in film without leaving WWE. Shown by Dwayne Johnson and in some respects Roddy Piper. So my question is does a WWE superstar have to necessarily leave the wrestling business to be taken seriously as an actor and gain some legitimacy?

I think it's more of a situation where WWE workers aren't really actors, in the movie sense of the word.  Just like most actors couldn't just show up in WWE and be great wrestlers, the same holds true when WWE stars enter the movies.

Mike noted that WWE is building toward a Daniel Bryan - John Cena title bout at a PPV. I guess that means we shouldn't hold our breath that Mark Henry will defeat Cena at Money in the Bank?

Sadly, where Cena and Henry are concerned, it appears that is the case. WWE has always been hesitant to go all the way with Henry's push, even when it was the obvious move to make.  Where Cena is concerned, they seem afraid to keep him anywhere but the top of the card.  I hope that they rethink that philosophy, I really do.  Henry beating Cena would be a great surprise and spice things up on Raw.

Sting had been labeled a sucker due to everybody turning on him back during his days WCW. That seems to happen an awful lot to John Cena especially last Monday night with Mark Henry tricking him and giving the world's strongest slam the middle the ring. Should we start calling John Cena a sucker too now?

I don't think so because Cena never sells that he got suckered.  Sting always had the bewildered reaction when he got snookered.  Cena just no-sells it.

I just booked my tickets for SunmerSlam and I never went to a WWE event before.  How can I tell if my seat is good or not?

You can google the building and find its seating chart.  From there, you can find out what your view will be like.  Enjoy!

I was looking on Twitter and found this account: Is that the former Buck Woodward? Did his work here help get him his job there?

Yes, that is the former Buck Woodward!  After leaving the site, he went to work as a professor at Full Sail University.  Last I heard, he is now something of a conduit between his employer and the WWE, which of course works with the school via NXT.  Buck got that job on his own.  I don't know if he listed the site on his resume or not but as I said on the last show he did with me here, he was moving on to bigger and better things.  He is doing very well down at Full Sail!

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