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By Richard Trionfo on 2013-06-17 23:01:01
Last night, the man whose father was associated with perfection was able to win his first title in the WWE. Meanwhile, the man whose entrance music mentions ‘Perfection’ was unable to retain the World Title, possibly due to the concussion he recently suffered. The Shield still has their titles and John Cena was able to vanquish Ryback by sending him through the roof of an ambulance during Three Stages of Hell. Will we encounter the Fourth Stage of Hell if the rumors circulating about Mark Henry are true? What will Mark tell everyone tonight?

We are in Grand Rapids, Michigan and your announcers are Jerry ‘Isn’t there someone from Michigan returning to WWE soon’ Lawler, Michael ‘With the siren on the ambulance, I thought someone from Michigan was returning’ Cole, and John ‘We make references to Michigan on Monday nights’ Layfield.

Ricardo Rodriguez is on the stage to introduce the new World Champion and he is doing it in Spanish. The reaction to Del Rio is mixed after what he did last night.

Alberto takes the mic and he asks everyone how their weekend was. He says that he heard people talking about man of steel, but why do it when you have a man of gold.

Some people say the way he won was controversial, but what about the night after Wrestlemania when Dolph Ziggler attacked him when he was injured with his leg practically broken. He was in terrible pain but he gave Ziggler a fight. On that night, the people cheered for Ziggler.

They cheered for a coward who attacked an injured man. Alberto says that he should be surprised or offended but he is not. He says that he gets it. He hears the reactions each night. He gave the people everything. Then he fought an ignorant pig like Jack Swagger who offended the Mexican people. All heard was ‘USA” They don’t cheer for him but they cheer for a pig and a coward. That is what America is all about . . . pigs and cowards.

Alberto says that he fought for everyone for the last five months and he got nothing. Last night, he fought for Alberto Del Rio and he won the title. Alberto says that he is going to be the better man in this situation and he will show us why he is the best. He will give everyone a second chance to show him the respect he deserves.

CM Punk’s music interrupts and he makes his way to the ring with Paul Heyman.

Punk says that it feels like it has been a while. The last time they were in the ring together, he beat Alberto at Survivor Series when he beat Alberto to hold the title for 434 days. Punk says that it looks like Alberto remembers. He is not out here because of the problems he has with the people. He is out here because Alberto says that he was the best.

There is only one “Best in the World” and Alberto is looking at him. Punk says that he is challenging Alberto.

Paul says that his client don’t fight for free and Punk asks Paul what he is doing.

Paul says that they didn’t talk about it earlier.

Punk says that he knows that Dolph is owed a rematch. While Alberto was stealing the title from Dolph, he was stealing the show with Chris Jericho. Last night, Punk proved that he was the best in the world. He wants to do it tonight and against Del Rio.

Alberto tells Punk that he doesn’t want to do this. Punk says that he does want to do this. He wants a match tonight.

Alberto reminds Punk that he is the World Champion and he reminds Punk that he said that he doesn’t want him.

Punk asks Ricardo if he has his tights on.

Vickie Guerrero and Brad Maddox come out to excuse themselves. She tells Alberto that unfortunately, he does not make this decision, she does. She says that she cannot think of a better way to add to the momentum from Payback than to have a main event of Alberto Del Rio versus CM Punk.

Wade Barrett sulks and walks in the back. We go to commercial.

Paul and Punk are in the back and Paul apologizes for jumping the gun. Punk reminds Paul of what he told him last night. Paul almost cost him the match last night. He does not need Paul’s help to win matches. He is not Brock Lesnar or Curtis Axel. He is not Paul’s client. He does not want Paul in his corner any more. He will always be a Paul Heyman guy.

Match Number One: Wade Barrett versus Curtis Axel (with Paul Heyman) for the Intercontinental Title

Vickie says that the match with Curtis Axel will have to wait. Wade will have to face Vickie’s big surprise.

Match Number One (Take Two): Wade Barrett versus Christian

Barrett with a kick and punches. Christian tries for a cross body but Barrett catches him. Christian sends Barrett over the top rope to the floor. Christian goes up top and hits a cross body onto Barrett and both men are down. Barrett drops Christian on the top rope and Barrett with forearms and a knee to the midsection for a near fall. Barrett with a reverse chin lock and a knee. Barrett backs Christian into the corner and he puts Christian on the turnbuckles.

Christian punches Barrett and hits a missile drop kick. Christian punches Barrett and then he hits a running forearm. Barrett sends Christian into the corner and Barrett runs into an elbow. Christian with a tornado DDT and he gets a near fall. Barrett with a kick and he gets a near fall. Barrett misses a charge into the corner and then Christian drops Barrett’s neck on the top rope. Christian goes for the Killswitch and he connects for the three count.

Winner: Christian

If you have the APP, you can vote on the stipulation for the Randy Orton versus Daniel Bryan match.

We have a Wyatt Family video.

We go to commercial.

Match Number Two: Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow versus Sheamus in a We Couldn’t Find John Cena for the Handicap Match, but this guy will do Match

Sheamus kicks Cody but Cody and Damien double team Sheamus. Sheamus punches Damien and Cody with an elbow. Sheamus snap mares Cody from the turnbuckles and then he hits Sandow. Sandow grabs the leg and Cody hits Beautiful Disaster. Cody with boots to Sheamus while Sandow holds him. They hit a double suplex on Sheamus and Sandow gets a near fall.

Sandow with an elbow drop. Sandow with a snap mare and Rhodes with a Shining Wizard. Sandow with an Elbow of Disdain and Rhodes can only get a near fall. Sandow holds Sheamus and Cody slaps Sheamus. Sheamus gets back to his feet and Cody charges at him and he back drops Cody to the floor.

Sheamus with two running double sledges and then he runs Sandow into the corner and he hits a knee lift followed by a Finlay slam. Sheamus with the forearms on the apron to Cody and then he hits a power slam on Sandow. Sheamus catches Cody off the turnbuckles and Sheamus hits White Noise and then he looks around for the Brogue Kick spot and Sandow with a rollup from out of nowhere for the three count.

Winners: Damien Sandow and Cody Rhodes

After the match, Sandow celebrates on the ramp and Sheamus does what any fan favorite would do, he gives Cody Rhodes a Brogue Kick.

Is Mark Henry going to retire? If so, who inducts him into the Hall of Pain?

We go to commercial with the RVD is coming to Money in the Bank video package.

We are back and Vickie and Brad are in the office with Triple H. Vickie says that the main event decision was genius on her part.

Hunter says that was phenomenal thinking. If CM Punk hadn’t wandered to the ring, what would the main event have been?

Vickie reminds Hunter that she brought back Christian.

Hunter points out that Christian has been cleared for a month and a half. He brings up RVD.

Brad and Vickie take responsibility for it.

Hunter says that he doesn’t remember hearing them on the phone during negotiations. He tells Vickie that they need to make an example of the Shield if they interfere during the show. Hunter likes putting 3MB on the show tonight.

Daniel Bryan is in the locker room and Kane stops by. Kane wants to talk to Daniel but Daniel says that he is a little busy. He doesn’t want Kane to say ‘I Told you so’. He says that by losing last night, Kane thinks that he is the weak link.

Kane points out that Daniel wasn’t the only one who lost on Sunday. Maybe the team should continue to exist.

Daniel says that the only way he can prove himself is to be by himself. He will be Team DB.

Kane says that Daniel is acting like a ‘DB’.

Daniel says that he needs to win the WWE Championship.

Kane says that he needs to win the WWE Championship too. He wants to know if this is it.

We go to commercial.

We are back with the WWE Rewind: The Shield losing their first six man tag match by pinfall or submission.

Randy Orton told Josh Mathews on the WWE App (REMEMBER TO DOWNLOAD IT) that it was Daniel Bryan’s fault they lost at Payback and Daniel Bryan is the weak link.

Match Number Three: Randy Orton versus Daniel Bryan in a No Disqualification Match

They lock up and Bryan works on the arm and wrist. Orton with a reversal into a hammer lock. Bryan with an escape and he goes for the leg. Bryan with a kick to the hamstring and then he sets for the surfboard but he decides to drive Orton’s knees to the mat. Bryan with kicks to the back of the leg but Orton with a head butt and kicks of his own.

Orton with a slingshot suplex and Thesz Press but Bryan escapes and he applies a single leg crab. Orton gets to the ropes but Bryan does not have to release the hold. Orton kicks Bryan away. Bryan with kicks in the corner. Orton with a rake of the eyes and then Orton sends Bryan to the floor and Orton with a clothesline.

The referee starts his count because this is not a No Count Out Match. They return to the ring and Orton gets a near fall. Orton with a reverse chin lock. Orton with a head butt followed by punches on the turnbuckles. Orton with an Irish whip but Bryan flips over and he hits the flying clothesline. Bryan with the running drop kick into the corner followed by the hesitation drop kick for a near fall.

Orton with a kick but when he charges at Bryan, Daniel drops down and Orton goes over the top rope to the floor. Bryan goes for the suicide dive and Orton moves and Bryan hits the ringside barrier. Orton goes under the ring and he finds a kendo stick. Orton hits Bryan with the kendo stick.

They return to the ring and Orton gets a near fall. We go to commercial.

We are back and Orton has Bryan on the turnbuckles and he connects with a head butt before setting for the superplex. Bryan with punches and he sends Orton to the mat with a head butt. Bryan with a missile drop kick and both men are down. Both men struggle to get back to their feet and Bryan with kicks to the chest. Bryan misses a round kick and Orton hits an Exploder suplex.

Orton tries for the IEDDT but Bryan escapes and he tries for the No Lock but Orton escapes and he catapults Bryan over the top rope but Bryan holds on to the ropes and he skins the cat but Orton kicks Bryan in the chest and Bryan goes to the floor.

The official holds Orton back as Bryan is checked by the official.

Bryan goes after Orton and they fight to the floor. Orton with a belly-to-back suplex onto the ringside barrier. The referee has to stop the match on the order of the medical official.

Winner: Randy Orton (by referee stoppage)

After the match, Orton helps Bryan up and shows him some respect.

We go to commercial.

We are back with a look at how we got CM Punk versus Alberto Del Rio (without the obvious fact that Vickie Guerrero pulled a Teddy and saw an even number of people in the ring so she made a match)

AJ Lee comes out and she says that this is what it feels like to have it all. Her Ziggy is not here because he is not medically cleared but he will be back to share the spotlight with the greatest Divas Champion. She says that she has always been the champion, now she has the proof. Did she play mind games with her? Yes. Did she crush Kaitlyn’s spirits? Yes. She knows exactly how to get what she wants. There is not a woman in the audience, locker room, or the entire world who is as strong, brilliant, or as courageous as her. If there is anyone who thinks she can compare to her, she dares them to come out right now.

Stephanie McMahon makes her way to the ring.

AJ says hello to the boss lady and she wants to know if Stephanie is going to congratulate her.

Stephanie says that AJ is a true underdog. She has everyone buzzing. She has a tremendous story. She congratulates AJ for winning. She says that she does not understand why AJ is perpetuating the stereotype that women are trying to tear each other down. What AJ did to Kaitlyn was degrading. It is time to start acting like a champion.

AJ says that she should be acting more like Stephanie and instead of dating Superstars, she should marry them. AJ brings up Stephanie’s daddy issues. What she did to Kaitlyn was original. It was months in the making. It was her masterpiece.

Stephanie reminds AJ that the crazy eyes won’t work because the McMahons know crazy. She tells AJ to start acting like a champion.

AJ says that she is Stephanie . . . only younger. She doesn’t have the fancy pants.

Stephanie tells AJ that she is the Divas champion, but she can take it all away from her. She can take away AJ’s job.

Kailtyn comes out to the stage with her support group. Kaitlyn congratulates AJ for winning.

Stephanie tells Kaitlyn never to interrupt her again, but she will give her a bye this week.

Kailtyn says that AJ got inside her head and manipulated her and humiliated her. She was played like a puppet. AJ broke her. Kaitlyn says that it is now her turn.

Kaitlyn attacks AJ, but Langston pulls AJ out of the ring. Langston grabs AJ when she tries to get back into the ring.

We go to commercial.

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