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By Dave Scherer on 2013-06-18 09:59:00

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Kurt Angle seems to bring up at least once a month now that he wants to finish his career at Wrestlemania, or always at least something along those it just me, or does it seem like no one is asking? It's as if he keeps bringing it up to keep saying "Hey look at me!" hoping the WWE keeps him on their radar for when his contract runs up...would they even be interested in bringing him back? I'm sure they would, but not at the same level of the card he was at. I could see him coming back in a Chris Jericho role, but other than that, isn't he just looking silly by saying he still has another title run and/or Mania main event in him?

I am with you on that.  I think he should just shut up about it.  He works for TNA and constantly talking about WWE makes them look secondary.

Sting seems to be saying a LOT lately that his dream opponent is the Undertaker (I've seen him mention it three times in as many months). This last time, he said his other would be Shawn Micheals...while I don't seem him playing the same petty game Angle is playing, he seems to be planting the seeds for something. I feel like he wouldn't be disappointed if he never had one run in WWE, and I don't mean to ask the question you get every week of do you THINK he will...but do you think he wants to? Doesn't it seem like it's kind of bothering him now?

In Sting's case I just think he is being honest and looking back on his career.  He could have gone to WWE a few times and didn't, so it makes sense to me that now, as he is getting near the end of his career, he would think about it now.

Did Christian retire?

Nope, he is just out hurt.  He is supposed to be back soon.

How did you feel about The Rock vs. John Cena Wrestlemania 28 year long build?

It was OK.  If it wasn't for The Rock being involved, I wouldn't have really cared.  I feel that when you push something a year in advance it can hamstring the promotion, much like when Ryback took off but the company was locked into The Rock beating CM Punk.

I've seen a few people involved with last night's supposed debacle in queens saying the show drew upwards of 350 fans as opposed to the 100-150 reported on the live coverage last night. Seems like quite the discrepancy so is there any possible truth to this larger attendance figure? Also is there any update on the overall situation and who's to blame? Thanks

Mike Johnson was there and got the number.  I believe him.

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