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By Dave Scherer on 2013-06-17 09:59:00

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Just curious about TNA talent charging fans $20-30 for a pic in the ring. They've bought a ticket already why take more of their money? I understand if you don't charge , everybody would come in the ring, but the whole thing seems tacky. I'm sure Sting and Hardy aren't hurting for money. Your thoughts?

I don't have a problem with it.  No one is forcing anyone to do it.  It's there if you want it, if not you can skip it.

What do you think would have been the fate of WWE and WCW if Steve Austin would have stayed in WCW even if he would have only had a mediocre run as Stunning Steve Austin even more so had he become Stone Cold and battled the NWO because it's historically proven that he got people to tune in to WWE with his feud against McMahon but had that never happened do you think Vince would have had a mass exodus of top talent leave for the big bucks and at the time, the high ratings of WCW? I'm also curious if Eric Bischoff has ever openly admitted letting Steve Austin leave as his biggest regret as WCW president?

I don't think there was any chance of Eric Bischoff allowing Austin to become in WCW what he became in WWE.  Bischoff was blind to the potential that Austin had and would have never pushed him the way that the WWF did.  Bischoff didn't even appear to respect Austin since he fired him while Austin was recovering from a triceps injury. Not having Austin in the WWF would have been a blow, but I still think that they would have eventually beaten WCW since Bischoff had no clue what to do with the nWo angle after it got hot.  I am not sure if he has said he regrets it or not to be honest.

Ok, so Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns are the new Tag Team Champions. With The Wyatt Family about to join the main roster and Team Hell No still being there, do you see at least a slight chance that the tag division might come back to what it was a couple of years ago? There sure is some potential among the teams with The Primetime Players, Rhodes Scholars and Sweet T and Clay and all the others. Or do you think that it's just a short-term thing and as soon as The Shield loses the belts we're back to what it's been for the last years?

The division has been pushed a lot better since Team Hell No won the title.  I think as long as they put teams that are relevant and over in the mix, it will help the division.  But as they have showed in the past, they often have a problem committing to the tag division.  I would love to see that change.

So the Payback PPV is just 5 days away and here's a rather simple question: Why should I buy this PPV? Things are a bit too obvious for me (of course there's always the Vince-factor, but still). (Super)Cena's got to win, The Shield has to win both matches and if Punk really returns, there's no point in letting him lose against Y2J. Do you see any potential for some big surprises or matches we're gonna talk about in years or least some big storylines coming up?

It sounds like you shouldn't!  Honestly, as I type this before the show, it doesn't seem any more predictable to me than any other recent WWE PPV.  So if you bought them, you should have bought Payback for the same reason.

Hey Guys, was just wondering; is it just me or has HHH's version of Raw started to emerge and has it not shown signs of once again becoming a great show? Also, is Daniel Bryan on his way to becoming the biggest draw/star in the business?

I am not ready to commit to it yet but I am hopeful of both Raw getting better as well as Bryan getting the push that he finally deserves.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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