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By Dave Scherer on 2013-06-16 09:59:00

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My question is regarding the Undertaker and a possible book. For years I was always sure that there was no chance of an Undertaker autobiography being published, but recently he has been breaking character a lot and doing more interviews. The book has the potential to be the most explosive and interesting book from a wrestler given his longevity, incidents he has seen. For instance his take on the Montreal Screw job would be very interesting. Do you expect a book to be released by him once he officially retires?

I would put it at 50/50.  I would love to get an inside look at him too and he does seem more open to it now than he has been in the past, but it's not a sure thing by any means.  I predict if he does either a book or a even better a truly inside DVD compilation it will sell very well.  Taker has done such a good job of not letting people see behind his character.

How much input did Jeff Jarrett have in bringing in Hogan and Bischoff? It seems like soon after Hogan and Sleazy E started using their weight that Jarrett disappeared. Is there a chance that he never wanted Hogan and Bischoff there? Any heat between Jarrett and one or both of them?

Dixie Carter has control of the company.  It was her decision to bring them in.  I honestly don't know how Jarrett feels about them being there.

Hi guys, just something I've always wondered. When a wrestling site, such as yourself, gets information from a "source", how does this happen. I'm guessing Vince McMahon doesn't ring up the PW Insider offices and says "I've got some hot gossip for you", but is it a case where somebody from WWE or TNA rings you up with info, do you call them or is it a case where you meet up with a guy in a dark car park and he's standing in the shadows with his voice changed like in those police shows? Just interested!!!

We are like any other reporters out there.  We have developed relationships with people in the business.  There is no standard way it happens, just like in relationships no two are the exact same.  But no, there are no shadows!

I was just curious if you thought some of the indy companies that run strictly in the east coast (House of Hardcore, etc) Will ever run areas like Texas, and if not, why not? Don't you think there's an audience for that here in Texas with our history of World Class & such. WWE always draws well in the major cities of Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, etc. ROH just did a good crowd in San Antonio as well. What do you think?

In order to draw a crowd you have to get the word out, and that takes money.  Also, with a company like Tommy Dreamer's, they tend to stay closer to home where they know the area.  Booker T's group does run in Texas though.  You should give them a shot.

So, WWE is going PG, and yet the music they chose for the Payback theme song, "Another Way Out" by Hollywood Undead, is by a band that has VERY explicit lyrics? The song itself is basically someone breaking into a home and hunting down someone before they can call for help. Don't get me wrong, I am a HUGE HU fan and I love their albums, but it doesn't seem to fit with the current WWE PG world. Your Thoughts?

I honestly never listened to the words so I can't say.  But in this case, I think WWE will make exceptions at times if the publicity bump from doing so is worth it.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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