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By Mike Johnson on 2013-06-14 09:16:44
A number of those from within and around the pro wrestling industry commented on the news that Debbie Beaumont, who worked as one of the top staffers for the original ECW, had passed away. Here is a sampling of those comments and tributes:

Taz: "I was very sad to learn of the passing of a great lady behind scenes who was great during the ECW years- Debbie Beaumont RIP, and thank u"

Mikey Whipwreck: "I'm saddened to hear of Debbie Beaumont's passing. Hey Deb, next time we meet you know I'll ask.. "Where's my draw?" Truly an ECW original.

Blue Meanie: "So sad to hear the news! This bums me out. Rest In Peace. I remember @AxlRottenECW going to Debbie Beaumont for a draw and demanding only the then new twenty dollar bills. Funny stuff. "Debbie! Give me a draw!!" - Tommy Rich"

Angel Medina of the Baldies: "RIP Debbie Beaumont. You always took care of the boys when we needed something and you never complained RIP Debbie we love you see you soon."

Joel Gertner: "I'm very sad to hear that Debbie Beaumont has passed away. She was an ECW original and a key element to often bringing order to disorder and function amongst our lovable dysfunction."

Dave Lagana, TNA Writer: "Saddened by the news of the passing of original ECW staff member Debbie Beaumont. Was always so nice."

Bob Ryder, TNA Management: "Just saw the sad news that Debbie Beaumont passed away. She was a very special lady and was as important to ECW in the old days as anyone."

Jim Molineaux, former ECW referee: "Just got a call about ECW's Debbie Beaumont passing away. I am totally floored. Debbie & I rode together in ECW almost every week. We were at the building early and out late. Debbie wanted to write a book with me, but we drug out feet. Now it will never happen. RIP friend."

Tony Lewis, head of Strictly ECW: "R.I.P. Debbie Beaumont. When ECW first started running at the Elk's Lodge, me and my group had an issue with our seating. We BOUGHT front-row seats, but we didn't get to sit IN the front row. This blonde chick was going around trying to straighten things out. We didn't get things straightened out to my satisfaction, unfortunately, but I looked at this blonde chick and said to myself "That's the ass I have to kiss". For me, Debbie went from the "Mean Ticket Lady" to the Mother Hen that made sure that I was always taken care of. And although the last time I saw her was well over ten years ago, my last memory of her is just as vivid as if it happened yesterday and as warm as fresh baked Cinnabuns. I adored her, and will continue to miss her."

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