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By Mike Johnson on 2013-06-14 10:00:00
Does it make any sense to you that WWE seems determined to drastically alter their business model so they can launch their own network? Why would they risk millions in PPV revenue, their bread and butter for 3 decades, revenue on the chance that people might purchase their cable channel? This has the makings of an XFL/WBF-esque disaster.

WWE wants to use the Network as their way to grow and evolve beyond just the wrestling portion of their business. The belief is that with the power of the PPV buyers behind them, they can get the providers to carry the network and it will make them money. Then, they can seek out outside programming that has nothing to do with a pro wrestling product and brand it as a WWE product. It makes sense to want to grow the business from a strategy point of view, but whether it will pan out the way they predict, only time will tell.

What do you think would happen if CM Punk refused to take part in the up coming pay per view and instead remain on an extended leave of absence to rest and recover from injuries on his own terms as it were? Would WWE suspend him or by an act that would shock everyone simply fire him outright?

Tey wouldn't fire him if he was legitimately recovering from the injuries, but might extend his contract to add additional time at the end to make up for the time period he was out of the ring, something they have done with others in the past.

The WWE recently did a show in my hometown of Johnson City, TN on Saturday and just before the end of the Divas match Layla delivered a leg strike to the head of Aksana resulting of her being pinned. AJ Lee was not too pleased. Aksana turned over face down and remained there for a few moments. Normally the losing team walks back leaving the winners to bask in the fans approval. In this case however both Layla and her partner Alicia Fox proceeded back leaving Aksana laying. They even looked at her while doing so. Two referees one of them Charles Robinson were looking her over. Akasana eventually got on her feet holding her nose and proceeded to wave to the crowd. She received nothing but boos. Why she did that I don't know. Have you heard how Aksana is doing? I was worried about her. I hope she is alright.

She was just selling the move. She was fine.

Just as you had the NWA, do you think it would be a good idea for independent promotions to come together and form some sort of group to look out for and support each other.

In theory, it's a great thing, but the reality is that when you have wrestling promoters trying to work together, egos always win out and when they do, partnerships rarely. if ever, last.

What on Earth do WWE/NXT officials see in Bo Dallas?

He's a third generation talent who has a great look. They see potential. I can see that Dallas has it as well, but just hasn't found himself yet. Give him time.

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