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By Mike Johnson on 2013-06-11 09:00:00
WWE signed a deal with Papercutz to produce WWE graphic novels and digital comic books. WWE actually has had several comic-related ventures in the past, including a magazine sized publication from Valiant Comics in the early 1990s and comics featuring Undertaker, Steve Austin, Rock, Mankind, Chyna and others from Chaos Comics that took the WWE personalities and put them into adventuresome situations away from the ring.

Dwayne Johnson's new film "Hercules" began filming this week in Budapest, Hungary.

Mark Henry was announced as returning next week, so his Twitter comments were more storyline than anything else.

WWE is taping Smackdown and Main Event in Greensboro, NC tonight. If anyone is attending the taping, we are seeking live spoiler reports! Thanks!

Yesterday, I noted that with her Tony Award win for "Kinky Boots", Cyndi Lauper became the first Wrestlemania celebrity to win that honor. Well, that is true, but it should be noted that Robert Goulet, who sang "O Canada" at Wrestlemania 6, won a Tony well before Wrestlemania was created. So, there's an asterisk there!

Speaking of the Tonys, the word after the show was that Mike Tyson is looking to bring his one man show back to Broadway and do more within that world, including some acting in plays and musicals.

WWE has also inked a deal with Bendon Publishing to license for coloring and puzzle activity books.

WWE will return to Atlanta, GA with a house show on 7/26. Tickets will go on sale officially this Saturday, although there may be an online pre-sale before that.

WWE released the following footage of their talent at the Connecticut Special Olympics event:

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