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By Dave Scherer on 2013-06-12 09:59:00

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Ok so we know a WWE/TNA supercard is highly unlikely for many reasons but what about a TNA/ROH supercard? I know it wouldn't have the same buzz and publicity as the dream matches that the WWE would provide but I think a lot of "wrestling fans" would be intrigued to see it!

I see the same issues in play here that would happen if a WWE-TNA card were to happen.  I can't see TNA wanting to let their guys lose to ROH guys (or vice versa for that matter).  I could see a number of cool matches come out of it if they did it, but I don't see it happening unless one of the two is circling the bowl and is desperate.

Is it just me or all are signs pointing to Hulk Hogan challenging Bully Ray for the strap at Bound For Glory? I'm not against Hogan vs. Ray as one last big match for Hogan at all, I think it could work well WITHOUT the strap involved, but for the title please no.

I don't want to see Hogan work against the champ in any fashion.  He's old now.  Real old.  He should be a character, not someone taking on the champion.  With that said yes, I could definitely see them doing it.

What's the latest on the Chris Benoit movie?

It shouldn't be made?  I have zero interest in it.  It's a sad, sad story.  I don't need to get depressed again.

Saw the opening to Memorial Day Raw Saturday night on Universal HD great job. I know that Vince McMahon is all about good public relations, but I also know he didn't have to bring in Keith David to do that voice-over. He didn't have to take that much time for the video. Would it be fair to say that Vince McMahon is truly a fan of the military and appreciates them and that's one of the reasons he does the Memorial Day tribute, Tribute to the Troops, etc.?

He absolutely has a great affinity for the troops.  No one can deny that if they are being fair.

Do you think Curtis Axel could get more over if he started incorporated some of his father's gimmick - i.e. sports feats vignettes, gum chewing and slap into crowd, towel? If he could do some of these things, would that even be a good idea to build his character?

I am not a big believer in retreading gimmicks.  I think it makes the newer guy doing it look second rate.  So no, I don't want to see him do that.

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