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By Dave Scherer on 2013-06-11 09:59:00

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Is WWE going to do anything to fix the Divas division? Watched the six Diva tag match and it sounded like a pin could drop.

It has been like this for a while now.  They know it isn't what it should be, so much so that they tried to bring back past Divas at WrestleMania.  But given the other problems they have in establishing talent I don't see them worrying about the ladies any time soon.

Truly love the site. I rarely said it before but I got behind on some WWE shows had to refrain from checking your site due to spoilers. Was the hardest week of my life. Anyway, I finally caught the last Smackdown (may 31st) and felt this was like a PPV show. I only skimmed through one match. It now takes longer to watch Smackdown than Raw with my usual skipping of segments. I now see the viewership of Smackdown is failing too. Do you find it unnerving, almost dreadful, that they seem to only get their numbers up when they're doing the dumbest stuff? It's like they do a show one week we have been crying for, the numbers go down, so they'll revert to the stupid stuff and squash people and everyone tunes in to see the follow up of the GOOD BOOKING. Just wondering your thoughts on that. (also, isn't it great to see the push with Curtis?)

They are definitely knee jerk reactors where the ratings are concerned.  They have been trying for the quick fix for so long now you would think Vince would finally get that they have to build a strong foundation in order for the base to grow again, but he doesn't.  Sadly, Raw is the top draw for WWE and when it is dull, the company lose viewers from the other products.  By the same token, when Raw is doing well it carries over to the other shows.  I find a lot of Vince's booking ideas lately to be just downright stupid to be honest with you. 

In response to who would be a number 3 or number 4 company, do you think Championship Wrestling From Hollywood could be the next big company with their expanding TV deal with MavTV? Even ROH can't be seen in most major cities with their syndication. Do you think CWFH is where TNA was when they were on FSN in the afternoon, or do they still have miles to go before they even get to ROH's level?

Considering I can't get MavTV on Cox Cable in Las Vegas or on Comcast back east, I don't see them as having national clearance.  I still think they have a ways to go.

Do you think that there is anyone on the current ROH roster who could be a breakout star like a CM Punk or Daniel Bryan?

Yes, I do.  There are a number of guys in ROH that, if given the chance and the push, could do well in WWE.

How much validity do you give to the TNA Hall of Fame? Do you think the wrestlers view induction into it as an honor, or do you think they see it as a "poor man's WWE HOF"?

At this point, it is just kind of there to me. I get that they want to do it and all, but when the only inductees are actual wrestlers, I think it's probably a bit too soon to do it.

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