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By Dave Scherer on 2013-06-10 09:59:00

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So my question is pretty simple and insane. Who in this world is driving that AMBULANCE on Raw every week? There is no driver in those seats, that's pretty insane. I guess, I'm trying to put logic into pro-wrestling, and that's just not done :)

It is being controlled by Google.  It's the test for their new auto-drive car.

A couple weeks ago on Impact, during a backstage segment with James Storm and Chris Sabin, Storm mentioned that the stipulation made last year by Austin Aries about whoever is holding the X-Division championship at a certain point of the year (it WAS Destination X but then that PPV got canned) was still valid and if Sabin won the belt at Slammiversary then he could have the chance to do so. My question is: Do you think Chris Sabin deserves/is ready for the TNA Championship and do you think he should be the one to take the title from Bully Ray? I know that when Team 3D broke up years ago, Bully explained that a factor was that no-one had ever kicked out after the 3D but during their last match Sabin did, so they could definitely use that as a key factor in the feud if they were to go that way.

Honestly at this point I don't see it happening.  I have an eerie feeling that someone else will be taking on Bully at Slammiversary, brother!  I don't know that Sabin is ready yet to take the belt anyway.  Aries got over in a hurry last year so it made sense.  We will have to see what happens with Sabin over the next few months.

Back in 2012 when Brock Lesnar he got a pop from the Miami crowd and from the WWE universe that was unbelievable. But why was he so warmly welcomed back to WWE when he got so much heat from the crowd back in 2004 due to him leaving?

Eight years is a long time in wrestling. Many of the people that were watching then have moved on.  Plus, he was a big name making a comeback.  People booed him because of the way he chose to leave WWE.  That changed a bit when he decided to come back.

What ever happened to Tony Schiavone? Mark Madden has his radio show and Mike Tenay is the voice of TNA, so where's the best wrestling announcer WCW ever had?

The best announcer WCW ever had is back in Norman, OK and working with WWE in developmental and other things for the company.  Jim Ross is the best WCW ever had.  I liked Bob Caudle in second place.  Schiavone is working radio in Atlanta, GA.  He is the sports director for WSB. He also calls Gwinnett Braves minor league baseball games. You can follow him on Twitter by going to: @tonyschiavone24.

So do you see what I see in TNA's future? Brooke Hogan suffering from a "Stockholm Syndrome" type of case and turning on Daddy Hulk and the rest of TNA to join the man she loves in Bully Ray? Wouldn't that be Steph/HHH/Mr. McMayhem deja vous?

I could definitely see it going that way.  Since she is really annoying as a babyface, I would not mind seeing how she could be as a heel.  It couldn't be any worse.

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