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By Mike Johnson on 2013-06-09 02:17:11
Joel Maximo of Fighting Spirit Wrestling contacted to state that any talent he had personally booked for the "La Guerra" Lucha Libre show in Queens, NY were given checks by him tonight as they were informed they would receive when they were booked. has confirmed with one talent they were paid via check by Maximo. Maximo stated that the only outside talent beyond his regulars that he personally booked was Blue Demon Jr., who was also paid and will be doing a seminar for FSW tomorrow in Brooklyn, NY.

In regard to talents not being paid, Maximo's side of the story was that any pay issues were specifically with talents brought in by Amaro Productions. Maximo claimed that at no time was he slated to pay any of those talents - just the talents he personally booked as part of the partnership for the show. Any others fell under Amaro's umbrella.

Maximo stated there was "no theft" of money but when Amaro did not reimburse the FSW side for 1/2 of the venue rental and left the promotion having to cover the last minute costs of a sound system today, FSW (which was handling the ticket sales at the door) took their reimbursement from the live gate. That obviously left Amaro with no funds in which to pay the wrestlers they booked.

Maximo said he would be issuing an official statement tomorrow. was told by one talent booked by Amaro Productions that they would be paid via paypal. has attempted to reach out to Amaro Productions as well and if/when we get their side of the story, we will update.

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