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By Mike Johnson on 2013-06-08 10:00:21
I was wondering who owns the rights to the old Funks Amarillo territory videos?

If there are any left, I would assume the Funks. However, I once asked Terry Funk during an interview about the tapes and he told me that when he had sold the territory to Dick Murdoch, that included the physical possession of the tapes. Later, when the Funks regained control and Terry went to grab the tapes, they were no longer there. So, they were either thrown our or re-used, not uncommon during that time period. I don't know that any real footage from the promotion exists - not that I've ever come across, anyway.

Who's the one name you'd like to see write a book?

There are a slew of names, but I think Don Muraco would have a fascinating take on life in the territories and the national expansion of WWF.

I was watching some old WWF TV and they were advertising Fishbone as playing at Wrestlemania 11. Obviously, this never happened, so why not?

I actually spoke with a former representative of Fishbone about this awhile back and as it turned out, the band was paid for the gig without performing. The story that was relayed to me was that Vince McMahon heard what their unique funk/r&b/punk rendition of "America the Beautiful" would be and immediately decided he didn't like it, so they didn't play.

I've noticed that WWE used to release audio books of their autobiographies. Why did they discontinue?

My guess is that they weren't selling enough to make it a worthwhile project. My favorite of those old releases was Mick Foley reading his own autobiography.

Where's Santino Marella been?

He's still with WWE but they have yet to bring him back to the main roster after he was out with a shoulder injury. While he's waiting, he's set up a wrestling school in Toronto.

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