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By Mike Johnson on 2013-06-03 12:42:47
As we noted last night in the Elite section, it is expected that all of the announced CHIKARA dates will shortly be canceled or converted into live events presented by the promotion's "Wrestling Is..." satellite promotions.

CHIKARA the brand, as it stands, has run its last event, at least for some time. No idea whether that's the end of the promotion or some really intricate angle and storyline remains to be seen. There are some who truly believe that was the end of the company while others believe it's a comic book style reboot of the entire company, similar to how comic companies reboot their entire universes. Josh Higham has a great write-up detailing all the background of what led into the show closing moments last night.

There was no official announcement as to what was going on in the locker room, although I am told small groups of wrestlers were spoken to over the course of the night. We were also told that the roster was asked to signed non-disclosure agreements before last night's event. Given how secretive CHIKARA is usually with all their plans, I'm not surprised to hear that.

I do know that A number of CHIKARA performers have started reaching out to independent promoters looking for work to replace what were originally CHIKARA dates this summer.

There were several incidents with fans in the wake of the end of the show. One fan was so angry about security forcing him out of the building, he shoulderblocked a glass door and ended up breaking the glass door. I am sure the venue LOVED tnat. Another fan loudly refused to leave the Trocadero's box office, demanding a refund. He was so disruptive that the venue management was going to call the police to remove him. It was described to me as "the worst stereotypical wrestling fan tantrum you could imagine."

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