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By Josh Higham on 2013-06-03 00:05:37
A little context: Chikara was "sold" to Worldwide Media Development Corporation a few years ago. Shortly after the sale, a sharp-dressed gentleman would be seen at events, observing the roster and matches. We'd learned his name was Wink Vavasseur, an auditor from Worldwide Media Development Corporation. Soon, he would replace Dieter von Steigerwalt as Director of Fun. Clearly with a business background and no wrestling knowledge (he would routinely refer to wrestlers as Baseball Face or Snakeface, etc), Vavasseur oversaw a period of growth in Chikara, multiple attendance records broken and the creation of the Grand Championship under his watch.

Towards the end of 2012, Chikara fans learned that Worldwide Media Development Corporation was actually a holding of Titor Conglomerate, which also owns Condor Security, a private security company whose employees usually flanked Wink Vavasseur at shows. Those members of Condor Security were no longer seen in Chikara after King of Trios 2012 when they removed Swamp Monster from the building. We also learned that Wink got the Director of Fun job, because his father, Conrad, is an executive at Titor.

Vavasseur's approval rating within the fan base and locker room has plummeted. Vavassuer created a series of analytical formulas, dubbed Chikarabermetrics, to ensure the best athletes were being paired. This resulted in the popular Colony being rearranged, with Soldier Ant being kicked out of the group. Other unpopular decisions included placing Sugar Dunkerton in FIST, the censorship of blogs on the Chikara website, and the creation of Colony: Xtreme Force, which is purely as a marketing ploy.

At the end of "The Shoulder of Pallas," the Chikara event as part of Wrestlecon, Mike Quackenbush was handed an envelope by a gentleman wearing a hat with NPA on the front. After the event, Mike Quackenbush was removed from the roster page and hasn't been booked in Chikara since.

Yesterday, Derek Sabato sent out cryptic tweets about an "interesting phone call." Sabato came to the ring today with the envelope given to Quackenbush, tweeting its contents: a photo of the Titor executives at a ground breaking. This photo is somehow incriminating, or Wink Vavasseur wouldn't have sent the officials to kick Sabato out of the building.

During the main event, Wink Vavasseur, looking disheveled, and 20+ members of Condor Security came to ringside, causing the end of the main event. Condor Security began breaking down the set and entry way while shooing the fans out of the building. Wink sat on the stage, watching it all, eating an apple.

Bit by bit, the lights in the building went out. Zia, one of the photographers, and Billy Kumohara, host of the pre show quiz game, stood up to Condor members, but Billy was struck and Zia retreated to the locker room.

As the fans were ushered out of the building, no merchandise was up, no roster members selling their wares, nothing in the lobby.

As we went outside and the Trocadero's doors closed, a fan shoulder blocked the door, breaking the glass. Senior official Bryce Remsburg rushed out the door and through the crowd, still wearing his referee uniform, in tears. The crowd slowly dissipated, with a few fans in tears as well.

Billy Kumohara was the only other member of Chikara staff to be seen in front of the Trocadero, saying he was now out of a job.

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