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By Mike Johnson on 2013-06-01 10:00:00
I have been a huge fan of NXT and was wondering if they ever held a steel cage match on the show ? If they had not, will it ever happen?

Not yet, but there's nothing preventing it from happening if they wanted to go that route.

On a recent TNA Impact one of the commentators remarked that Kurt Angle has been a part of Imapct since day one eleven years ago. Is this true? It doesn't seem all that long ago.

If that was stated, it would be incorrect. Angle didn't come in until a few years after the company started.

Could the secret signing by TNA possibly be Matt Hardy?

It's possible, but I really don't see that.

Before the wrestling company we know affectionately as TNA wasn't there a predecessor entitled Total Nonstop Action? It featured a woman by the name of Trinity and a man by the name of Fred Funk who at one time became I believe Knockout champion or whatever it was called around that time. Is Total Nonstop Action and TNA the same thing or two entirely different animals? What can you tell me about the history of Total Nonstop Action?

There was a Trinity featured in the early days of TNA, which does indeed stand for Total Nonstop Action. Fred Funk was a piece of your funking imagination, however!

Is CM Punk really coming back at WWE Payback?

Yes, as of now, the plan is for Punk to return to storylines that night.

Is Zack Ryder done?

No, he's still with WWE. I am told there are plans for him going forward.

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