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By Joshua Higham on 2013-05-31 21:51:50

Chikara presents “Aniversario: Never Compromise” Sunday, June 2, 2013 at the Trocadero in Philadelphia, PA. Belltime is 4 pm. 

Under the reign of Director of Fun Wink Vavasseur, some Chikara fans believe we’ve entered a “darkest timeline,” with attitude changes in some wrestlers, the fans cheering for unusual choices, odd appearances of former roster members, disappearances and departures of roster members. With all of that happening, Chikara celebrates their 11th anniversary, returning to the Trocadero, roughly 60 miles away from where the first event took place. A trios match featuring the Black T-Shirt Squad vs. Gold Bond Mafia main evented that first event. Sunday, all three major championships will be defended, three grudges will be settled, and two other matches carry with them big stipulations.

Chikara Grand Championship:
Eddie Kingston vs. Icarus

Two Chikara Gen One originals will face off with the richest prize in Chikara on the line. Icarus finds himself without his FIST partners, with Johnny Gargano and Sugar Dunkerton quitting the stable. Icarus reached out via the Chikara blog to his childhood idol, Marty Jannetty, to be in his corner for this ring. Jannetty, the former WWF Intercontinental Champion, responded that he would be there, citing the respect Icarus showed to him at “The Shoulder of Pallas” in April. The fan support behind Eddie Kingston has seemingly started to turn in certain venues, going back to Cibernetico last year where the New York crowds cheered for Steen and the Briscoes. Kingston’s wrist and knee still prove troublesome as the long reign begins to take its toll. This will be Eddie Kingston’s 14th defense. He has now held the Grand Championship for over 560 days. 

Two out of Three Falls for the Campeonatos de Parejas:
3.0 (Shane Matthews and Scott “Jagged” Parker) vs. Pieces of Hate (Jigsaw and The Shard)

Pieces of Hate, the self-proclaimed “Dream Team” of Jigsaw and The Shard, won the 2013 Tag World Grand Prix two weeks ago in Chicago, getting their third point in the process. Jigsaw immediately made his intentions known, challenging 3.0 for the titles after the match. Jigsaw is a former Campeon with his former mentor, Mike Quackenbush, but Jigsaw turned his back on Quackenbush to join forces with The Shard. The Shard, along with his former partner 17, faced off with 3.0 last year at the Aniversario event in Manhattan, which 3.0 won by disqualification, thanks to the Bravados. Scott Parker’s ribs caused him to miss a portion of their last title defense last month. This will be 3.0’s third defense in their second reign.   

The Colony: Xtreme Force (Arctic Rescue Ant, Missile Assault Ant, Orbit Adventure Ant) w/ deviANT vs. The Spectral Envoy (Ultramantis Black, Frightmare, and Hallowicked)

Ultramantis Black took great offense to Wink Vavasseur’s creation, The Colony: Xtreme Forcen (the retconned 2011 King of Trios winners), when they removed Frightmare’s mask at The Shoulder of Pallas in April. The Colony: Xtreme Force got the disqualification win in Porterdale, GA, when took off his mask and put it in Ultramantis Black’s hands instead of feeling the effects of the Praying Mantis Driver. In the first round of the Tag World Grand Prix, Colony: Xtreme Force got themselves disqualified after taking the mask of Frightmare again. The reigning King of Trios will have to be vigilant with deviANT in C:XF’s corner.
Sarcophagus Match:
Amasis vs. Ophidian

The issues between Amasis and Ophidian began over eighteen months ago when Ophidian spit his venom into the face of Amasis, who was announcing his retirement. Ophidian transformed over the past year, going through multiple mask changes while becoming the field commander in Delirious' army. While leading the Batiri, Ophidian started being haunted by visions of Amasis in the crowds. Amasis and Ophidian were originally supposed to meet at “The Shoulder of Pallas,” but the Batiri attacked and took out Amasis before the match could begin. Now, at “Never Compromise,” the two former members of the Osirian Portal will face off in a Sarcophagus Match, the first of its kind. Amasis will have to keep an eye out, because the Batiri might be lurking.

Hair vs. Hair Match:
Gavin Loudspeaker vs. Tim Donst w/ Veronica, Jakob Hammermeier, and Steve “The Turtle” Weiner

Tim Donst has been bullying the rock n' roll ring announcer for months, intimidating him and cutting locks from his hair. To be fair, Gavin Loudspeaker has been cracking jokes at Donst's expense. Last month, Donst took it too far, taping up Gavin and locking him in a closet in North Carolina. Loudspeaker repeatedly requested that Director of Fun Wink Vavasseur fine or suspend Donst, but Vavasseur refused, especially after seeing the footage from Georgia where Loudspeaker sang an anti-Vavasseur song to start the show. So Vavassuer put Loudspaker in this match as a “character-building exercise” and made it Hair vs. Hair. Loudspeaker has enrolled at the Wrestle Factory to try to get some knowledge before his match, but four weeks of training is probably not enough when faced with a former Young Lions Cup champion. Loudspeaker has also been trying to be a voice of reason for Jakob Hammermeier, who too has felt the abuse by Donst, whom he calls his best friend.

The Colony (Fire Ant, Green Ant, and assailANT) vs. The Devastation Corporation (Max Smashmaster, Blaster McMassive, and Flex Rumblecrunch) w/ Sidney Bakabella

During the Tag World Grand Prix two weeks ago, tag teams representing The Colony and Devastation Corporation fought to a double count out, eliminating both teams from the tournament. The two teams will face off in trios action with assailANT joining his partners and Flex Rumblecrunch making his Chikara in-ring debut. assailANT and Fire Ant have gelled nicely as a team with assailANT learning and executing a lot of the Colony's signature moves. Devastation Corporation, with the dastardly Sidney Bakabella ringside, will have the size and strength advantage, but the Colony, even assailANT, will have an experience edge.

Dasher Hatfield vs. Delirious

In February, Dasher Hatfield defeated Delirious in under a minute, but Delirious responded by attacking Hatfield after the bell and giving him multiple panic attacks with the help of Kobald. Before Hatfield could get a return match, he suffered a rib injury at “The Shoulder of Pallas,” putting him on the disabled list for two months. In a blog written during his rehab time, he promised to “harness a little aggression” when he returns. So this Sunday, he will get a chance at revenge on Delirious.  Hatfield needs to be mindful; The Batiri could be following their leader to ringside.

On the Chikara Freeview-a-Go-Go:
Young Lions Cup:
“Mr. Touchdown” Mark Angelosetti vs. Saturyne

At approximately 3:25 PM EST, will air the Freeview-a-Go-Go hosted by Scarlett Bordeaux. As a preview for the rest of the Aniversario: Never Compromise iPPV, Saturyne will once again challenge for the Young Lions Cup. Saturyne came up short when she challenged in February in Easton, succumbing to a three count after a hot shot and flea flicker. Saturyne comes to Philadelphia with a mini-win streak in singles action. Mr. Touchdown unsuccessfully challenged for the Grand Championship in his last Chikara action. This will be Mr. Touchdown’s sixth defense. Presumably, since the Young Lions Cup tournament happens annually in the summer, we are close to the end of Angelosetti’s reign anyway.  

If you order the iPPV, be sure to watch after the main event, as Chikara promises a major announcement. Will it be the news of the next Young Lions Cup or King of Trios tournament? A tease for a new debut or a wrestler’s return?

Chikara released the following YouTube videos to hype Aniversario: Never Compromise. 
Aniversario Report 1:
Aniversario Report 2:
Aniversario Report 3:
Aniversario Report 4:
Campeonatos de Parejas match:
Young Lions Cup match:
Hair vs. Hair match:

For tickets, go to or take your chances at the door. General admission tickets are $25. If you cannot make it to the Trocadero, you can watch it live on iPPV at for $14.99. The Freeview-a-Go-Go starts at approximately 3:25 PM.

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