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By Mike Johnson on 2013-05-31 12:08:48
Mick Foley will headline Carolines Comedy Club in NYC this Sunday 6/2, his first time in the club as a headliner. The event is almost sold out.

Foley will also be playing his native Long Island, NY this Thursday 6/6 in Bellmore. That event is sold out with the only way to attend the event now is to order a special package via Ringside, which includes a pre-show meet & greet, an exclusive Cactus Jack action figure and a Foley 8x10.

Speaking of Foley, his next children's book will spotlight Kane and Daniel Bryan.

Bret Hart issued the following via Twitter: "I sincerely apologize to anyone that was in any way offended by my in-ring joke to Pat Patterson on Monday, especially to Pat whom I hold in the highest regard. I was only trying to take some of the edge off an emotionally challenging moment and I failed. The comment does not in any way reflect my feelings toward the gay and lesbian community."

During the ceremony, Hart made a joke about being nervous when Pat Patterson got down on a knee in front of him. Patterson laughed and it was obviously a comment made in jest between friends. In my opinion, there are a lot of times where things that are meant just to be silly or funny get twisted into something hateful and this has to be seen as one of those times. Anyone who might have thought Hart was being insulting towards Patterson or anyone took his words extremely out of context.

Speaking of Hart, his ex-wife Julie has released her first book "Hart Strings" about her life and marriage to the WWE Hall of Famer. The promotional blurb for the book reads, "Being married is one thing, but being married to Bret “Hitman” Hart—former five-time World Wrestling Entertainment Champion—is another. In her vibrant and honest memoir, Hart’s ex-wife and the mother of his four children chronicles the ups and downs of balancing life with a superstar husband in the circus world of professional wrestling. Beginning with Julie’s teen years and early romance with Bret, the story follows the couple’s marriage, children, divorce, and continued presence in each other’s lives, culminating in Julie’s growing role as one of the new matriarchs of the ever-expanding Hart family in Calgary. Vividly detailed and humorous, this authentic account of Julie’s life as an individual, wife, mother, sister, and friend is told by, quite arguably, the Hitman’s toughest opponent and greatest ally of all time."

So, if you want to keep score, we now have had the following books related to the Hart family and Stampede: Autobiographies from Bret, Bruce and Diana Hart (with Diana having been yanked), The Dynamite Kid's autobiography, the "Pain & Passion" Stampede Wrestling book, a biography on Stu Hart, and Martha Hart's book on the life and passing of Owen Hart. There has never been a family or territory covered as much as Calgary's home promotion.

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