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By Richard Trionfo on 2013-05-31 09:18:01
Welcome to coverage of Evolve 20 from the Orlando Armory. This show will be available on VOD iPPV that can be ordered by clicking here.

Since this show is being broadcast via Video on Demand, I will be providing a different look at the show than the usual iPPV coverage that I provide for FIP or SHINE. I will be providing brief descriptions of the matches as well as my thoughts on the matches. The normal style of coverage for Evolve 22 on Sunday night from Ybor City, Florida.

In a special pre-show match for the crowd at the Armory, Santana and Chasyn Rance defeated Mercedes and Derek Ryze.

Match Number One: Dragon Gate USA Open the Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano defeated Dragon Gate USA Open the United Gate Champion Matt Jackson with the Gargano Escape

Garagano and Jackson try to establish the early advantage and after some mat wrestling, Jackson gains control. After each man misses kicks, they both try for drop kicks and then they each have kicks blocked only to have Jackson send Gargano to the floor. Gargano returns the favor. Jackson blocks a slingshot DDT and catches Gargano and hits a series of rolling Northern Lights suplexes as he takes Gargano across the ring.

Matt starts to work on Gargano’s back and neck. Matt adds extra damage to the back with a cartwheel and handspring into a . . . back rake.

Johnny with a slingshot knee to the head and then Gargano gains control of the match with the Gargano Escape in the ropes. Jackson with a spear followed by two powerbombs and a buckle bomb. Jackson with an Ace Crusher off the turnbuckles results in a two count.

Matt gains control of the forearm exchange but then it escalates to enzuigiris and ends with a lariat that flips Jackson. Garagano super kicks Jackson from the apron to the floor. Matt hits a double jump DDT on the apron and then he goes up top and hits a 450 splash but Gargano is able to kick out.

Matt puts Gargano on the top turnbuckle and they exchange punches. Gargano with a sunset flip power bomb and then he lawn darts Jackson into the turnbuckles for a near fall. Gargano applies the Gargano Escape but Jackson gets to the ropes. Gargano tries for the spear from the apron but Jackson with a super kick. Gargano hits Hurts Donut but only gets a two count. Gargano applies the Gargano Escape and Jackson taps out.

After the match, Johnny asks everyone if they enjoyed the match. He says that as the Open the Freedom the Gate Champion, he is proud to be the leader of the locker room, they cannot wait to put on some of the finest professional wrestling in the world. This weekend, history will be made. Johnny says that he loves everyone.

Match Thoughts: I thought this was a good opener. I was impressed with Jackson’s performance in the match since you primarily see him in tag matches. There were a lot of good sequences between these two men. I thought the Northern Lights suplex sequence was really impressive. There were a few times during the match when there were some of the moves you expect from these guys countered. Jackson’s 450 splash was a thing of beauty.

Match Number Two: Brian Cage (with Trina Michaels and Larry Dallas) defeated Chuck Taylor with Weapon X

Taylor tries to use his agility early in the match against Cage and he gets a number of near falls and he works over Cage and gets the big man down a few times. Cage was able to torment Taylor after he catches him on a pescado and runs him into the ring post. Cage starts to assert himself against Taylor.

Cage with a series of tilt-a-whirl back breakers to get a near fall. Taylor comes off the turnbuckles and he tries for a single leg crab but Cage sends Taylor to the floor. Taylor counters the superplex with an enzuigiri. Taylor puts Cage in an octopus but Cage escapes. Cage runs into a knee and then he goes up top but Cage catches Taylor and turns it into a delayed vertical suplex for a near fall.

Taylor with Sole Food and a uranage after ducking a lariat. Taylor with a quebrada for a near fall. Taylor goes for the single leg crab but Cage gets to the ropes. Cage with a discus lariat and then he hits Weapon X for the victory.

Match Thoughts: Cage is huge. I liked how Taylor tried to use his agility advantage early in the match and he was able to send Cage to the floor. Eventually Cage’s size and strength was too much for Taylor. Cage did a lot of power moves that you do not normally see. Taylor hit a nice combination into a single leg crab. I was hoping that Cage was going to hit the superplex while standing on the bottom rope but Taylor was able to counter it. Taylor had a good comeback during the middle portion of the match, but in the end Cage was too much for Taylor.

Match Number Three: Lince Dorado wins The Fray after pinning Tommy Taylor with a rana (also featuring Caleb Konley, Jon Davis, Andrew Everett, and Shane Strickland)

The first two people in the Fray are Caleb Konley and Shane Strickland. Konley tries for a quick pinfall before anyone else can enter the match. The next person to enter the match is Jon Davis. When Davis enters the ring, Konley and Strickland act like the saw a ghost and Davis hits a Yakuza kick on Strickland while Strickland hits a DDT on Konley. Davis with a power slam to Konley. Strickland makes the mistake of getting on Davis’ back and Davis knocks Konley down and then he hits a backpack senton onto Konley.

The next man in is Andrew Everett. Everett sends Davis to the floor with an enzuigiri. Everett hits a springboard shooting star press onto Konley, Strickland, and Davis. While Davis is on the floor, Strickland and Everett work over Konley. Everett and Konley square off while Davis and Strickland battle.

Lince Dorado is the fifth man into the match and he hits a shooting star press onto Strickland and Everett. Dorado continues to work over the smaller opponents while Davis waits on the floor to pounce. Strickland with a springboard flip onto Everett and Konley. Dorado runs into Davis and Davis sends Dorado over the top rope onto the other three men. Davis catches Dorado he hits a buckle bomb before Tommy Taylor enters the match.

Taylor cannot get Davis down despite his attempts at drop kicks and a sunset flip. Taylor drives Davis to the mat with double knees but he can only get a near fall. Konley and Taylor exchange strikes and Everett hits a drop kick onto Konley with some help from Taylor.

Davis with a German suplex of Konley and Strickland onto Everett. Davis destroys Everett with a lariat and Strickland thinks about breaking things up but he decides to let Davis eliminate Everett. Strickland hits a flip piledriver on Davis but Jon kicks out at two. Strickland drops Taylor on the top rope. Strickland with a back fist that sends Konley to the floor. Davis with a power bomb and he rolls Strickland into a German suplex and Three Seconds Around the World to eliminate Strickland.

Konley, Taylor, and Dorado work over Davis. Davis with a Japanese arm drag of Taylor and Dorado into the ropes and it crotches Konley. Davis wants to superplex Konley to the floor but Caleb decides that he wants to live. Taylor with the Tower of London on Davis and Dorado helps Taylor get the pin to eliminate Davis.

Taylor with a half nelson German suplex and then Konley hits a double jump moonsault for a near fall. Dorado with a super kick to Konley and Taylor sends Dorado to the floor. Taylor hits the Tower of London on Konley to eliminate him.

Dorado with a cross body onto Taylor and then Dorado continues to get near falls on Taylor. Taylor hits a Splash Mountain sit out power bomb for a near fall. They fight on the turnbuckles and Taylor is sent to the mat and he responds with a drop kick that stops Dorado. Dorado with a rana for the three count.

Match Thoughts: This match had a little bit of everything. You had your crazy dives, you had your multi man moves, you had power wrestling, and you had a really good match. With Konley no longer part of The Scene, he has the ability to show a different style of wrestling and this was a perfect match for the showcase to take place. Davis destroyed Konley and Strickland during his time. I liked how Strickland refused to break up a cover because it is an ELIMINATION MATCH so as long as there are people in the match, let them get pinned.

I definitely want to see more from all six men over the weekend and in future matches in Florida. I also liked how they teamed up to eliminate Davis. It makes sense to eliminate the biggest threat and that was definitely Davis.

I don’t know if I was expecting to see Dorado get the win, but anyone could have been justified to win the match based on what they did in the match. This match could have been worth the price of the show by itself.

Match Number Four: Tomahawk T.T. defeats EITA in a Dragon Gate Showcase Match with Night Ride

The match starts off with some mat wrestling as they work on the lower extremities. Tomahawk with the first of many chops in the match. They go back and forth until Tomahawk decides to throw in a kick. EITA with a drop kick to Tomahawk that forces Tomahawk to the floor. EITA kicks the ropes when Tomahawk tries to re-enter the ring. Tomahawk with a suplex despite EITA’s attempts to block it.

Tomahawk teases a chop and he decides to give EITA an enzuigiri. Tomahawk with a slingshot senton for a near fall. Tomahawk with a monkey flip into the turnbuckles followed by a drop kick for a near fall. EITA with a springboard drop kick and Tomahawk goes to the floor. EITA hits a moonsault from the top turnbuckle to the floor. Tomahawk with a flying shoulder tackle to EITA. EITA hits a leg drop with Tomahawk hanging in the ropes.

Tomahawk with a crucifix power bomb. They return to their war of chops. EITA sends Tomahawk crotch first onto the top rope and he hits an enzuigiri for a near fall. EITA with a front sit out power bomb for a near fall. Tomahawk with a series of chops for a near fall. Tomahawk goes for a super Splash Mountain but EITA kicks out. Tomahawk with Night Ride for the three count.

Match Thoughts: My chest hurts typing about the chops in this match. I was impressed with their work during the WrestleCon shows and I was really looking forward to seeing them live and they did not disappoint. It is amazing how fast these guys are in the ring and are so crisp at what they do.

After the match, The Young Bucks come out to the ring and they talk about the match between Tomahawk T.T. and EITA. Matt talks about their match on Sunday and they shake their hands, but it is a trap and they super kick EITA and Tomahawk. Officials come out and they threaten to fine and suspend The Young Bucks. Matt says that they do what they want when they want. Matt says that they will super kick anyone and they threaten to super kick Gabe.

Thoughts on Segment: They did a good job setting up the match on Sunday. How do companies that use the Bucks not give them the mic? I also liked how they thumbed their nose at the officials and the threat to suspend them.

It was time for intermission.

Match Number Five: Lance and Harlem Bravado defeated Sugar Dunkerton and Maxwell Chicago

Maxwell is confused by some of Lance’s terminology when talking about some of the moves but it was a trap and he gives Lance an arm drag. Sugar and Harlem show some rhythm and they dance in the ring while Lance wants Harlem to take it seriously, not really keeping with the ‘entertainment’ concept for the match. Sugar dips Harlem and Harlem responds by kicking Sugar in the shins and Sugar goes down in pain and Maxwell signals with the X.

Maxwell kicks each Bravado in the shins and they feel nothing because of their pads. Lance kicks Maxwell in the shin and he goes down in pain. After a few inside cradles, Maxwell takes the mic and he starts to sing. Sugar provides the fans with a song of his own. The Bravados take the mic and they sing Lean on Me but they sucker Sugar and Maxwell into joining them and they get near falls.

Lance with a fisherman’s falcon arrow to Sugar but Maxwell blocks it. Maxwell tries to get German suplex to Harlem pins Sugar after hitting a double team Roll The Dice.

Match Thoughts: This was one of the matches I was looking forward to the most when I saw the card because I wanted to see how Dunkerton and Chicago would work together. I was entertained by this match. At least Maxwell Chicago is still undefeated in FIP.

Match Number Six: Anthony Nese defeated Samuray Del Sol with a 450 splash.

They go back and forth trying to establish control of the match. Del Sol and Nese exchange flips out of the corner and then they showcase more athleticism with a series of counters and escapes. Del Sol starts to work on the legs but Nese does the same. Del Sol goes for the aerial moves and hits an arm drag out of a suicide dive. Del Sol with kicks to the chest while the referee makes his count and then he uses the ropes to kick Nese in the back.

They return to the ring and Del Sol with a flip power bomb. Nese appears to have had enough and he trips Del Sol and follows with a springboard moonsault. Nese nails Del Sol with a super kick on the floor and then Nese with a Fosbury Flop plancha onto Del Sol.

Nese avoids going over on a sunset flip and he kicks Del Sol in the head. Del Sol gets the advantage on the forearm exchange but Nese with the most telling shot. Nese lands on his feet on a monkey flip and then Del Sol hits a DDT and gets a near fall. Del Sol with a back heel kick and Asai DDT for a near fall. Nese continues to hold his neck that he appeared to injure early in the match. Nese with a pump handle sit out power bomb for a near fall.

Del Sol lands on his feet after a German suplex by Nese and Del Sol with a drop kick. Nese with a German suplex from the turnbuckles followed by a 450 Splash for the three count.

Match Thoughts: I thought this was another good match and a good contrast from the comedy laden ‘Entertainment Match’. Del Sol was in control of the early part of the match. I enjoyed the sequence of both men alternating flips off the turnbuckles. Nese is one of the top guys on the independent scene today and he showed it against Del Sol.

Match Number Seven: Evolve Champion AR Fox defeated Open the United Gate Champion Nick Jackson (with Matt Jackson) with Lo Mein Pain

Jackson and Fox alternate side head locks but neither man is willing to give up. Fox with a drop kick that sends Nick to the floor. Nick is able to move when Fox teases a dive to the floor. Fox with a clothesline in the ropes and then he skins the cat into a hesitation drop kick. Fox with a split legged moonsault for a near fall. Fox and Jackson escape moves on the floor until Jackson hits an enzuigiri and he gains control.

Nick hits the turnbuckles when he goes for a knee into the turnbuckles. Fox hits two suicide dives and then Nick distracts the ref long enough to allow Matt to trip Fox. Nick hits a slingshot X Factor for a near fall. Nick shows that his brother isn’t the only one who can apply the devastating back rake.

Fox sends Nick to the mat but Nick moves when Fox tries for a 450. Fox lands on his feet and then he hits an Ace Crusher Driver. Fox with a cross body to the back and then he hits a springboard codebreaker for a near fall. Fox lands on Nick’s knees when he goes for an inward splash from the top.

Nick hits a running knee to the head and then he misses a Shining Wizard. He does not miss with a super kick and Nick can only get a two count. Fox crotches Nick on the top turnbuckle and Matt gets on the apron and that allows Nick to recover and he counters Lo Mein Pain with a back breaker. Matt with a super kick while the referee argues with Nick but Nick can only get a near fall.

Nick with forearms and a spinning back elbow that staggers Fox. Fox hits a springboard Ace Crusher followed by a shooting star senton. Fox hits a plancha over the ring post onto Matt. Fox misses the leg drop from the top and Nick with a super kick on the apron.

Nick with a springboard splash but Fox kicks out. Nick hits a super kick but Fox stays on his feet. Nick with a second and fox falls to his knees. Nick goes for a third one but Fox ducks and he hits an enzuigiri. Fox runs into a boot but Fox with an enzuigiri into Lo Mein Pain for the three count.

After the match, AR Fox gets on the mic and he thanks everyone for coming to the show. He says that we see all professional wrestling styles. He talks about people that think outside the box. He says that it is his time to step his game up. He wants to bring prestige to the Evolve title.

Match Thoughts: I liked the way that this match escalated the intensity. While there were some high impact moves in the early part of the match, they were spaced out enough to allow for the moves to mean something.

Overall Show Thoughts

I thought this was a good start to the triple shot and I would recommend the purchase of the show through WWNLive. My three favorite matches (in no order) were Matt Jackson vs. Johnny Gargano; the Fray; and Dunkerton and Chicago vs. Bravados.

For a Thursday night, I thought it was a decent sized crowd.

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