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By Mike Johnson on 2013-05-31 10:00:00
Where is Ezekiel Jackson? Is he still working for WWE?

Jackson is still under a WWE deal as of this writing. He suffered another muscle tear a few months back and is recovering.

I don't watch TNA much, but the lottery deal they signed was an interesting move. Was it good or bad is up for debate. The interesting thing to me was listening to the radio here in ATLANTA, GA a spot came on for the lottery deal. Talking about Impact lottery and being able to win a VIP Experience with Impact. Strangely enough throughout that whole radio spot they never mentioned TNA once. Why would TNA approve that? As far as brand exposure and expansion that makes no sense.

In TNA's mind, Impact Wrestling is one of their brands and the name of their TV series. I am sure they were fine with the verbiage, as well as whatever revenue they are deriving from the deal.

What's the difference between DGUSA and EVOLVE? It's gotten kind of confusing.

DGUSA is the primary brand and features a core of Japanese talents that come in. EVOLVE is their secondary brand that usually will not feature the major matches or Japanese talents.

When WWE stars such as the Rock, John Cena among others take on certain action films such as Walking Tall and The Marine do they normally try and do their own stunts? Do they have stunt doubles? Does the Rock and John Cena insist on doing their own stunts?

It all depends on the stunts. I know that John Cena has done a lot of his own stunts, including leaping into a helicopter in "The Reunion." Rock's films are of a much larger scale and given what he is worth, my guess is that most of the stunts are done by doubles, but he's taken part in doing stunts in the past as well.

This may sound like a strange question but does Vince McMahon love wrestling? Has he ever said if he was a wrestling fan? Did he grow up a wrestling fan?

McMahon has been around the business since he was a young boy and it's been said his favorite wrestler then was Jerry Graham. I don't think you spend your entire life working on something unless you love it and given the amount of stories I've heard about his reactions to something he loves, yes, he's a fan.

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