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By Mike Johnson on 2013-05-30 09:33:12
Yesterday, WWE's Chief Financial Officer George Barrios took part in a presentation at the Citi Global Consumer Conference in New York City.

During the presentation, Barrios discussed the planned WWE Network and gave some insight into how the company intends to roll it out.

Barrios noted that the current plan is to sign a carrier deal with the first cable/satellite provider who they come to terms with. At that point, the company will officially announce a launch date for the Network, using the selling point of 11 of their 12 annual PPV events migrating there.

Barrios believed that once the first deal was made, the other providers would begin lining up to sign deals. That said, it should be noted that WWE was unable to get their VOD Classics on Demand channel cleared in 100% of the cable universe, particularly Time-Warner Cable, which is a massive carrier.

Barrios listed the price point of the Network at $13-$15 a month.

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