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By Greg DeMarco on 2013-05-27 11:59:52

TNA Knockout Taeler Hendrix returned to The Greg DeMarco Show to discuss her career since becoming an official TNA contracted talent, the impact of Trish Stratus on today’s female wrestlers, and her controversial love story with Heidi Lovelace in OVW.


On waiting to be called up to the main roster for TNA Impact Wrestling:

“If I knew what it was, I’d be doing it. ... I am doing everything I possibly can—I feel like I am that hidden gem that’s just waiting to be found. ... It’s been extremely difficult [being patient] ... If Gut Check was the stepping stone to reach the rest of your dreams. ... There’s a certain element of risk...but if you if you’re not willing to go big you might as well go home. ... It’s been tough but as long as I keep a positive outlook on it, it doesn’t seem as bad.”


On the influence Trish Stratus had on her and the up & coming women today:

“I think the people who say Trish Stratus wasn’t that good ... We live in America and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. ... Their opinions are not fact. Trish Stratus is one of the best—if not the best females in pro wrestling. And just because she’s not there now doesn’t discount what she did. She didn’t have to work as hard as she did, but she did. Just like Mickie James worked hard, just like Tara worked hard, Gail [Kim] worked hard. Hard work pays off, it’s not just about looks. ... Trish Stratus had the look and the talent and she performed—no one is going to take that away from her.”


On the controversial love story with Heidi Lovelace:

Um, isn’t every guy’s fantasy a threesome? ... It’s really hard to tell people what I’m feeling as far as Heidi Lovelace because in Kentucky it’s really frowned upon. ... I nearly wanted to throw up at first. ... But you know, I can’t lie, the thought of it sounded really appealing, something fresh and something new, and I’m excited to see where this goes. ... Absolutely [the storyline should be getting more attention], girls don’t get enough exposure in this business. ... I definitely think this should have more exposure because it’s relatable to lots of people. ... Almost everything in professional wrestling has been done. ... I’m an entertainer—I’ve always wanted to entertain people. I’ve always said I’m the Bette Davis of pro wrestling. ... This is a storylines that takes the girls in Ohio Valley Wrestling to a different level. It gives us something to play with and explore.”


Taeler also gives her thoughts on Bully Ray vs. Sting and Gail Kim vs. Taryn Terrell at TNA’s Slammiversary pay-per-view, the competitiveness amongst the women in OVW as they all vie for the same coveted television roles and the potential for openly gay/lesbian/bisexual characters in wrestling. Listen in as Taeler Hendrix is officially made a DeMarcette on the air.


2012 AIW JT Lightning Invitational Tournament winner “All Ego” Ethan Page returned to The Greg DeMarco Show for what’s becoming an anniversary tradition.


Topics covered include his recent Ring of Honor dark match and a potential return to the promotion, the increase in exposure he’s experienced over the past 12 months, the return of Alpha-1 Wrestling and his ascension up the card in AIW from his debut at the 2012 JLIT to taking home the trophy in 2013. Big things are in store for Ethan Page, so listen in now and get to know one of the business’s brightest young stars.


Chad Perry also leads Greg & Patrick in a game of “Versus” that had Greg forced to defend the Abyss character and a TNA Slammiversary preview that caused Patrick beg TNA to put Kenny King over Chris Sabin in their X-Division Championship match.


Come join in the fun as The Greg DeMarco Show celebrates two years on-air with two great guests, hilarious and insightful commentary and more!


About the show:

For two years, Greg has been joined by co-host and best friend “The Wrestling Realist” Patrick O’Dowd. With his unique viewpoint on the professional wrestling business, Patrick will take those fans who overact to the events of the past week and welcome them back to earth! Originally built as an extension of their near daily banter, the pair has grown into two of the most respected wrestling analysts on the ‘net. Now airing on the Wrestling Smash Radio network and distributed through the Real Fans Sports Network, over 20,000 fans listen to The Greg DeMarco Show each week.


The GDMS guest list is one of the most impressive in the business, including appearances by TNA talent “The Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels, former WWE Superstar Chris “Masters” Mordetzky, ECW/WWF/WCW legend “The Franchise” Shane Douglas, former 5-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion “Scrap Iron” Adam Pearce and many of today’s top independent talent including former Ring of Honor World Champion Kevin Steen, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla World Champion Adam Cole, Dragon Gate USA Open The Freedom Gate Champion Johnny Gargano and independent wrestling’s #1 female star, Rain.


The show also features appearances by The DeMarcettes, the hottest unsigned talents in all of women’s independent wrestling. Former WWE/NXT Diva Buggy Nova, Barbi Hayden, Veda Scott, Terra Calaway, Scarlett Bordeaux, Su Yung, Allie Parker, Cherry Bomb, Jessie Belle, Leah Von Dutch, Niki Nitro and Knockout & TNA Gut Check winner Taeler Hendrix entertain fans on a regular basis during The Greg DeMarco Show!

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