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By Dave Scherer on 2013-06-05 09:59:00

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I recently attended an independent wrestling event to see a wrestler perform that I'd heard a lot about but had never seen before. I recorded his entire match on my phone, and it was great. In my opinion, it would have made a great viral video for people who are also fans of this wrestler. From what I could tell, this was also a one-off match in which no real story lines had been set and may not be continued on the next show. I posted the match online the next day and tagged the promotion in a tweet. The promotion then asked me to take the video down because they said they survived on DVD sales. I took it down, but argued the entire show was good, and not just the one match, so people checking out this particular video might go to the effort to buy DVDs or attend the event if they live in the area. However, I know many independent wrestling fans torrent shows they don't pay for, but make up for it in other ways like attending the shows or buying merchandise. In your opinion, what, if any, types of videos should independent wrestling promotions allow their fans to post?

Honestly?  I think it's up to the person that owns the footage (the promotion) to decide what they want released.  Most people that download files in that manner do so because they have no plan to pay for the product.

Which would you consider the better accomplishment, winning the World Heavyweight Championship now, or winning the Intercontinental title 20-25 years ago?

That is a good one.  They are very similar since they are number two Titles.  Given that the IC belt launched more top guys, I will go with that.  Plus, it was also looked at as "the wrestling" title.

Why was Mick Foley the GM of something called Saturday Morning Slam & not RAW or Smackdown?

WWE didn't want him in the role on the big shows.  They like him better as a part timer that they can bring out and get a pop. Plus he has other irons in the fire, such as doing his comedy show.

Do you believe that with all the buzz Dolph Ziggler generated at WM29 (fans chanting for him in a match he wasn't even in) and then cashing in MITB the next night, that he could have created the opening for the next generation of Superstars (along with Fandango, Ryback, etc.) to "steal the show"?

Only if creative lets it happen.  The opportunity is there.  WWE just had to give them the chance.  If they "steal" it on their own and it's not what WWE planned, they will quickly see the opportunity taken away.

I know there is very little to base this off, but do you think Ring of Honor is more profitable today than it was... say 8 years ago? It seemed they had bigger stars like Joe, Punk, and Danielson back then but today they have more revenue streams like television, iPPV, etc.

It is really hard to say since they were privately held then and are privately held now.

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