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By Dave Scherer on 2013-06-04 09:59:00

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Why don't you guys report enough if not any NWA news?

We report what there is to report.  With all due respect, there isn't much left to the NWA anymore.  They are shell of what they used to be.  There isn't really a whole lot to talk about.

What was the name of the tag team that claimed they were from the future . They feuded against The Rock n Roll Express? What happened to them after that? They seemed to go into wrestling obscurity.

They were The New Breed, Sean Royal and Chris Champion.  Royal hung around for a little while after and then disappeared.  Champion was Yoshi Kwan in WCW for a while. The funny thing is that the future they were from is already a decade in our past.

I respect your valid points in regards to the 4/8/13 Monday Night Raw crowd. I was at Wrestlemania 20. What is the difference between the 4/8/13 Raw crowd, and the Wrestlemania 20 crowd that pretty much crapped all over Brock Lesnar vs. Goldberg.

The main one I can think of is that they never chanted that they were awesome, putting themselves over. There was real venom from those fans because they knew that Lesnar had quit on the business and they were voicing real anger at him.

Just read an interview with Mick Foley on the site where he said Vince McMahon had to be restrained after CM Punk gave Cena a piledriver. When and why did the move fall out of favor? I know chair shots to the head are banned, but didn't HHH smack Undertaker in the head in their second Mania match?

Shortly after Owen Hart dropped Steve Austin on his head and so many workers were getting neck/spin surgeries.  The piledriver is the kind of move where the slightest slip can cause serious damage and there is nothing that the person taking it can do to protect themselves.

Can I ask in your opinion why D'lo Brown is being pushed in 2013? Fair enough in 1998 he was a solid mid card hand, but to bring him out of an office job, when he is clearly out of shape, past his best and into a feud with Kurt Angle just seems ridiculous. By all means give him a Tazz type role in the group, with an angle that he still has some authority, but please keep him out of the ring and let Angle work with Briscoe some more!

The only reason I can come up with is that he was at the tapings anyway so they didn't have to fly in someone else!  I agree, bringing him in hurt the credibility of the group. They will say that they needed to show an inside guy as part of the group, but Taz could have been that alone.

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