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By Dave Scherer on 2013-06-03 09:59:00

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Is Brock Lesnar cordial with other superstars backstage or is he more of a loner because of him being there and publicly stating he hates the business.

I haven't heard of any problems.  From what I was told he comes in and does his thing. Wrestlers tend to be able to get along for the most part no matter how they really feel about each other.

What's behind the newly found WWE promotion of NXT? Some of the NXT Superstars and Divas were in the WrestleMania 29 program, The NXT Divas had a feature on and the Ticket section of the WWE website now lists the NXT LIve Events. Not complaining, as I enjoy NXT more than the main shows a lot of time, but it's a big departure from how WWE treated NXT in the past.

Since Triple H took over the talent end of the company, he has put a lot of focus on it.  He knows that is where the future is.  Their deal with Full Sail University, as well as their new training center, have made NXT a bigger part of the company.  They still don't keep continuity in the storylines, but maybe they will get to the point where they do down the road.  In any event, with H in charge developmental has become a much bigger priority.

At some point I expect Ivory will go into the WWE HOF. At the time, do you think WWE would ever give GLOW an honorary induction of some kind? After watching the documentary, I would really like to see those ladies, especially Mount Fiji, be able to take the stage and receive a nice ovation. PS - If I never see Susie Spirit's dislocated elbow again, it will be too soon. I remember seeing it when I was kid and that was enough.

You know, I would love to see it.  I enjoyed the product back in the day.  If Vince were to ever buy the tapes I think it would be a slam dunk to happen. Yeah, that was really hard to watch.  I remember it too. 

Alex Riley, Ted DiBiase, Michael McGillicutty, Mason Ryan. Do any of these guys have a future in WWE besides doing jobs to Fandango? At one time all of them looked to be big time players especially Riley and DiBiase. How can management turn them around after burying them for so long or do they need to go to TNA to fulfill there potential?

McGillicutty is getting a chance right now and before he did, he was in the same boat as Riley and Ted.  I guess that gives them hope.  I have no idea why WWE has buried them either.  Both showed a lot of promise but WWE ignores them.  It's dopey to me.  Good booking could turn them around.  Whether WWE can do it, well that is another question.  As for Ryan, he is in NXT.  He is huge so I fully expect him to get another shot.  Vince likes huge guys.

With ROH not being what it was, a the #3 company in the industry, do you think PWS has the chance to be the next company to surge to the ECW levels (not hardcore wrestling style but over all popularity)? Or some other company?

Right now ROH is absolutely the number three company. Indies that run occasional shows in a town or two (and most with no TV) can't ever be considered the number three company in my opinion.

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