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By Dave Scherer on 2013-05-26 09:59:00

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Does the WWE have plans to build an actual hall of fame building /museum?

They have talked about it but haven't pulled the trigger yet.  Most people think if they do it, it will be an attraction at a theme park rather than standing on its own.  There has been talk of them doing it at Universal in Florida.

Has the WWE ever thought about doing a DVD release of the best of Prime Time Wrestling? I have WWE on demand and besides the old NWA shows there isn't anything I look more forward to than watching the banter between The Brain and Monsoon I'm sure I'm not alone and I personally think if they did a backstory on how the show came to be and highlighted the chemistry between these two legends it would sell really well!

I think at this point in time that excellent content will be saved for the proposed network.  Keep in mind that many people that would buy that DVD are older now and/or stopped watching.  On the network, it could reach a whole new fan base potentially.

Do you think The Undertaker would feel safe working with Brock Lesnar? The heat between the two is still there and the style of Brock Lesnar is very physical and Brock could get a little carried away.

I don't think Brock would get "carried away" in a shoot sense.  And Taker has worked some very physical matches.  I think if they decided to do the program, they would both be professional about it.

Wade Barrett's gimmick is a being a bare knuckle boxer but isn't it illegal, why would WWE make such a gimmick if it is PG TV?

Big Show uses an knockout punch!  WWE doesn't really adhere to the rules.  It has nothing to do with PG, unless you are saying that the guy who comes up with that stuff acts like he is under the age of 14 sometimes.

Do you see WWE ever bringing Paul Heyman back to the writing team? Just read Stephanie McMahon laid off the head writer who was hired 6 weeks ago. Was wondering if his on screen performance had maybe changed his perception within the company.

As long as Vince McMahon is charge, probably not (and partially because I don't know that Heyman would want to do it). Booking under Vince right now can be a frustrating deal for the writers.  I think Heyman is in a good place both personally and with WWE and doesn't need the frustration that goes with being on creative.

You can send us questions for the Q&A by clicking here.


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