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By Mike Johnson on 2013-05-30 10:00:00
Seeing the amount of mainstream media attention The Rock brings to the WWE when he does his WWE runs, do you think it's in WWE's best interest to promote his movies? I have noticed that for Fast and Furious 6 there was no WWE publicity for it. Do you think they should promote his movies as a goodwill gesture?

Unless it's for a charitable cause, WWE should not be promoting anything as a goodwill gesture. Obviously, their promotion of his films were part of the deal they had with Rock. When he got hurt and left, they slowly phased that out.

I have several questions for you about Velvet Sky. First why was Gail Kim allowed to overshadow her entire title reign? Is her knee injury legit or is it just some storyline they came up with? Does management have faith in her at all as an in ring talent? Do you think it's time she just moved on from Impact Wrestling? Does she still have a shot at a possible career in WWE?

She can have a career in WWE as long as someone there wants her to be there, but lots of people have gone there and found themselves unhappy, including Gail Kim. I don't think it's time for Sky to move on, considering the company really worked to re-sign her. Whatever issues were going on with her being "overshadowed", that was a creative issue, not something that should be taken as the company ignoring her.

Is TNA building up their tag teams again?

I think you can make a case for TNA having spent far more time and energy on tag teams over the last decade in comparison to WWE.

Love the website, appreciate the depth of original insight conveyed on a daily basis. My question ties to the TNA 'What Worked...' write up on 5/24. You referenced Sting seeing through the Joseph Park/Abyss storyline, with their tag next week - do you see the big reveal happening with Sting a) intentionally b) accidentally or c) using some sort of other trick to make Joseph Park bleed (or fake bleed) for the big reveal leading the week before Slammiversary? Do you think this would be a wise giveaway at a non-PPV?

It could be that is the plan for down the line, but tonight's Impact Wrestling has already been taped and that is not the direction they go in. I think the Sting comment was more a wink at the audience then anything else.

How much of Zack Ryder's complaint about not being in Wrestlemania had to do with him being buried? If not, why did WWE sour on him? Many knew he was a midcard talent with good mic skills and the ability to sell merch. Moreover he busted his hindquarters to get over on his own. If he continues to get destroyed what hope is there for others?

It could be that is part of the reason, but I've never heard definitively that it was. I think that creative just decided that Ryder was a Bryan Gerwitz creation and when Gerwitz ended up on the outs, that was it for Ryder. Until then, he was given glimpses of hope now and then, but after, it was a freefall.

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