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By John Benoit on 2013-05-23 19:13:15
TNA appears to be taping tonight's Impact Wrestling live to tape early as they began segments with major names at 7 PM Eastern. Here's the recap:

*Hulk Hogan opens up Impact Wrestling and talks about Tampa and AJ Styles, then calls out Sting. He tells Sting he has no right to change the stipulation at Slammiversary. Brooke Hogan comes out and says she is the reason there is a wedge between them and apologizes. Out comes TNA champion Bully Ray who shows off his wedding ring and claims he still loves Brooke. Your typical opening.

*X-Division champ Kenny King comes out to ringside for commentary.

*Suicide defeated Joey Ryan and Petey Williams when he pinned Ryan.

*Chris Sabin approaches James Storm about being partners. Storm turns him down.

*Brooke Hogan confronts Bully Ray backstage asking him what did he mean when he said he still loved her. He tells her that he loves her and walks off.

*Alex Silva vs. Sam Shaw goes to a no contest. Wes Brisco comes out and says he should be in the Gutcheck tournament for the Bound for Glory shot, since he won Gutcheck. He attacks Shaw. Magnus hits the ring to save Shaw from Aces & Eights. This sets up Magnus vs. Brisco.....

*Magnus defeated Brisco when Aces & Eights interfered, causing a DQ. Samoa Joe hit the ring for the save.

*Backstage, Aces & Eights all praise AJ Styles. Bully Ray won't discuss Brooke Hogan.

*Mr. Anderson defeated Kurt Angle after AJ Styles came to ringside. Angle was distracted, allowing Anderson to nail a low blow and score the pin. Taz hugged Styles after.

*They showed a video of Angle at Grand Central Station in NYC to help save Olympic Wrestling.

*Backstage, Taryn Terrell attacks Gail Kim but they are broken up by security.

*James Storm comes out to cut a promo. Out come Bobby Roode & Austin Aries. Roode tells Storm he hated teaming with him in Beer Money. Bad Influence come out. The Tag champs are at the announcer's table. Everyone goes back and forth. Finally, Shark Boy comes out and says he wants to team with Storm at Slammiversary. Robbie E then comes out wanting to team with Storm. Finally, Gunner hits the ring from the crowd and lays out Shark Boy and Robbie. Gunner and Storm leave together, so they will team at Slammiversary.

*Mickie James defeated Velvet Sky to win the TNA Knockouts championship. ODB was the referee.

*Backstage, Aces & Eights toast Mr. Anderson and make fun of D-Lo Brown.

*Aces & Eights come to the ring and bring out AJ Styles. Bully Ray says that Styles can give his heart to Jesus but his soul belongs to Aces & Eights. As AJ is about to join, Kurt Angle comes out and pleads with Styles not to do it. Aces & Eights attack Kurt. Styles take a hammer and nails Angle, then attacks Aces & Eights and runs off.

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