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By Mike Johnson on 2013-05-23 13:18:14

Sami Callihan, who WWE has a lot of interest in, is officially finished with Dragon Gate USA. The company has been expecting him to exit for some time, which why Johnny Gargano vs. Callihan was rushed onto the December 2012 EVOLVE event when the original plan was for that bout to headline Wrestlecon weekend. Instead, they booked Callihan to put over Uhaa Nation and AR Fox on the way out. He is still technically under contract, but the company will release him if (and it is looking like when) he signs a WWE developmental deal. Callihan was easily one of the best talents in the company.

There's talk that WWE is closing in on signing at least one other DGUSA regular.

Caleb Konley looks to be in for a big push for the company. There's been a renewed interest in him from Gabe Sapolsky after he saw Konley's performance at the CZW Best of the Best tournament earlier this week. The promotion released this video highlighting the idea that next week's events in Florida will be a kickoff of a new chapter for Konley: is offered advance orders of their VOD iPPV presentation of their 5/30 Orlando, Florida event for only $10 if you order it today. The price includes unlimited replays of the event. The plan is to tape it live to tape and then upload it immediately after the event. If you want to order the show, you can by clicking here.  The Orlando event will feature:


EVOLVE Title Match: AR Fox defends vs. Nick Jackson of The Young Bucks
-Non-Title Champon vs.Champion Match: Johnny Gargano vs. Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks
-Dragon Gate Showcase: EITA vs. Tomahawk T.T.
-Samuray Del Sol vs. Anthony Nese
-Chuck Taylor vs. Brian Cage
-FRAY! with Jon Davis, Lince Dorado, Caleb Konley, Shane Strickland, Tommy Taylor and Andrew Everett
-The Bravado Brothers vs. Sugar Dunkerton & Maxwell Chicago

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