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By Mike Johnson on 2013-05-24 10:00:05
My question is regarding SUPERMAN CENA. I couldn't agree with Mike Johnson's blog more about the Cena-Ryback match at Extreme Rulz. What the hell are these WWE-diots thinking? First, Ryback DID get to his feet first and should have been declared the winner. Whatever, we didn't get a winner, I was able to swallow that thinking that at least now Cena looks to be hurt, I even applaud him for absolutely looking like he was legit hurt. They then not only give us a winner, they have him WALK OFF THE STRETCHER. Honestly, I give up. I hate to be saying this but the WWE has completely turned me off. I haven't liked the product in years but I kept watching, supporting, going to events because I just want pro wrestling to blossom. But this is absolutely awful. I wish we had some change but it looks like it's not coming soon. I'd rather watch WCW at their worst than this crap. Mike, is there any hope left?

There's always hope. It only takes one good angle to change things. The John Cena issue is a cultural one. The company worries too much about keeping him strong and not enough about doing things that can lead for a bigger return down the line. If I was WWE, I'd be worry about what my Wrestlemania main event is going to be and book backwards, as opposed to making Superman Cena as strong as possible. All the bumps and the big finish at the Extreme Rules PPV were for nothing.

You guys really dropped the ball in regards to not giving people an update on the medical condition of HHH. If your not going to report anything that readers care about, what is the point of this site?

We cover all of the news that happens concerning the business. That is the point of the site. Teaching people how to read and then comprehend it is not. Perhaps you need to consult a tutor.

TNA still doesn't have a dvd distributor. Are they even trying?

They do have one - overseas! Here, they are working as their own distributor. If you want their DVDs, you can go to the TNA website and order them. Unfortunately, that means they aren't being carried in major retail outlets, but those outlets are hardly carrying any titles anyway outside of WWE DVDs.

I read your reaction to TNA President Dixie Carter's thought into possibly working together. What if was for charity? To raise funds for the victims of the Boston Marathon bombing or the people effected by the factory explosion in Texas. I realize the possibility is 100% not possible. It would have been something though. Thoughts?

It's never going to happen. WWE would never do anything that puts a competitor on their level. Never. They would be much happier making a donation of their own.

Most underrated ECW talent of all time - go!

JT Smith. There you go!

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