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By Mike Johnson & Steven Fernandes on 2013-05-20 10:29:04
WWE will broadcast Raw tonight from Kansas City and tape Smackdown and Main Event tomorrow in Omaha, Nebraska. This Thursday 5/23 they will tape NXT in Winter Park, FL at Full Sail University. If anyone is attending either taping and can send along live notes and spoilers, feel free to email me by clicking my name above.

Jerry Lawler will officially return to the ring for the first time since his heart attack last year, teaming with Dory Funk Jr., Johnny Magnum and Jessica Hillin an eight person mixed tag match against Cory Weston, Quinton Hitchcock, Romero Youngblood and Hollywood Heather in Ocala, FL.  For more, visit

While the Extreme Rules pre-game show died on the WWE App and Youtube, it ran without issue on XBox 360 and

Here is the Extreme Rules post-game show:

Jim Ross blogged about a number of subjects on his official website,, including the idea of a TNA-WWE co-promotion (aka it's never going to happen) and the forthcoming Mid-South DVD release.  On the DVD, Ross wrote, "The Mid South Wrestling DVD from WWE will be released in September and I'm getting an advance copy likely in early to mid June. Some of the biz' biggest stars will be highlighted when they were jut getting started including the duo of the Bladerunners, Sting and Rock aka the Ultimate Warrior, young Rob Ricksteiner who became the incomparable Dog Face Gremlin Rick Steiner, the Midnight Express vs. Rock n Roll Express rivalry which was as good as it gets in tag team wrestling that I ever witnessed, and even some RARE footage of yours truly going to a Muslim Church with Muhammad Ali and my poolside interviews with "The Champ" at this LA home prior to him coming to Mid South for a Super Dome show and SO much more in the three disc set. The DVD is not a documentary but does contain some extensive interviews from many of the men involved in the promotion that were recorded at WM29 and other locales."

The Marine 3 sold 153, 226 copies in its first month of release in the USA for a gross $2,292,261. That's a really good number for a WWE straight to DVD film.

WWE has released a new AJ Lee t-shirt.

Steven Fernandes reporting: has an article on Paul Heyman talking about who is a "Paul Heyman Guy" at at this link.

Kevin Jonas of the Jonas Brothers will be the RAW Social Ambassador for tonight's show. Cue the purity ring jokes!

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