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By Dave Scherer on 2013-05-21 09:59:00

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Do you think Cody Rhodes should turn against his partner and go solo?

I think he is a good heel but until creative makes up their mind to actually give him a push, a turn won't really mean anything. 

Do you think John Cena could turn into a Bully Ray or even better yet an Undertaker and improve greatly with age or is he more destined to be a Sting or Hulk Hogan who never seemed to improve with age?

I think Cena is a good talent in the ring.  He works hard and has had a lot of good matches.  All that holds him back for me is the fact that WWE never has him sell for anyone and his bad promos.  Both of those things are easily fixed and if they did so, I think that they would make the character much more interesting.

Do you believe Ryback should squash Cena and have a long heel run as WWE champ?

I am typing this on Sunday afternoon, before Extreme Rules, FYI.  Yes, I do.  As I said above, part of Cena's problem is that he never sells for anyone, so many never see him as being vulnerable and thus he is boring. He needs to take a beating and actually fight his way back.  WWE tried to say that his loss to Rock at last year's Mania set him on a downward spiral.  Uh, he beat Brock Lesnar later in the month and main evented most of the PPVs, even though he was not the champion.  People can see right through that BS.

Hey, just wanted to say I noticed when you reported on the Aries/Hemme incident yesterday that you were the only site I noticed that didn't mention the "reporter" by name. First off, thank you. It's obvious you saw right through his motivations and weren't going to contribute to giving him any notoriety. The guy is still bitter towards what he refers to as "fake wrestling". Some of the comments that pile of garbage has made about female performers in the business is deplorable, and now he wants to go on this witch against Aries? Yes, the attitude towards females in the industry probably needs an overhaul, but it's obvious that this guy's intention is self serving. This trash should have quietly stepped away from the business when he got fired from WCW. Sorry, guess this isn't so much a question as it is a comment. Keep up the great work!

Yes, the person in question has always been an egomaniac and this case was no different to me. Had he not complained to Spike TV, nothing would have happened because TNA didn't see it as an issue until he made it one.  It's sad when the tail wags the dog, but that is the world we live in.

Does TNA plan on helping Zema Ion out with his medical bills?  I see that fans are doing it already.  Will they join in and help out or will this be another Daffney situation where they say he's an "independent contractor"?

You know, I think that they really should do the right thing and help the kid out.  Earlier today (Sunday) I asked Dixie Carter on Twitter if TNA would help out.  I haven't heard back yet.  The way I see it, if the egomaniac above can make an issue out of something just to stroke his ego, it would be nice if the wrestling media could use the power of the pen for good and try to get some help for a kid who really needs it.  So I encourage everyone to Tweet to Dixie Carter at @TNADixie and ask her for yourself.  Hopefully, they will do the right thing and help out one of their own.  Dixie Carter talks about wanting to be competition for WWE. Here is your chance Dixie because WWE has helped more people that I can even mention, many of whom weren't even working for them.  If you want to be big time, step up here and help the kid out.

Plus, as you mentioned the situation with Daffney was a black eye on the company in my opinion.  Now they have the chance to do the right thing.  I hope that they do. If Dixie doesn't want to help, maybe Spike TV should be contacted.

If you want to donate to help with Ion's growing medical bills, you can do so by clicking here.

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