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By Paul Cormier on 2013-05-19 13:11:34

Ring of Honor Results – May 18th Richmond, VA

This was the second time ROH has run in the Greater Richmond Convention Center. This is a beautiful venue. Segments of the show will be broadcast on the weekly TV. Neil Sharkey handled the ring announcing duties. Larry Legend was on-hand and did the pre-show announcements. The crowd appeared to be in the 400-500 range.


Michael Elgin beat Kyle Matthews. Everyone expected this to be a slaughter, but Matthews hung in there and it ended up being a great opener. Elgin is a monster.

Adam Cole beat Adam Page. I was excited about this match going in and they did not disappoint. Page reminds me of Adam Cole four years ago. He has a great look and has potential to be a star one day.

Mark Briscoe beat Roderick Strong. While these two have faced of countless times in tag bouts, this was only their second singles bout in ROH. This was equal parts serious and comedy.

Tomasso Ciampa destroyed Chris LaRusso. Ciampa’s new entrance is awesome. Gone is the over-the-top psycho. Ciampa really came across as a mean bad ass. It was short and brutal.

The American Wolves (Richards and Edwards) defeated Rhett Titus and Cliff Compton. They did the double submission finish with Compton tapping to Richards’ ankle lock and Edwards submitting Titus to the rolling half-crab. That sent us to intermission. Steve Corino was at ringside on commentary but did not really get too involved in the match.

Team A-1 beat Aden Chambers and Brandon Day in a match-up of local teams. This didn’t comes across as well as the A-1/Silvio & Paredyse match from the last ROH show in Richmond (Battle of Richmond – May 2012) but they all worked hard.

Steve Corino announced that Matt Hardy would be returning on June 23rd at the Baltimore TV tapings and would be getting a shot at the ROH World Title. He also challenged Nigel McGuiness to find “four of his best” to face four of Corino’s best. If SCUM wins, Nigel is gone and Corino takes over as ROH matchmaker. If Nigel’s team wins then SCUM is no more.

In a great six-man tag match, Cedric Alexander, Caprice Coleman and Jay Lethal beat ROH Tag Champs Bobby Fish and Kyle O’Reilly and ROH TV Champ Matt Taven. I would not be surprised to see Coleman and Alexander get a shot at the tag titles based on their win here.

The Jimmy Jacobs/Kevin Steen match quickly ended when Jacobs got DQ’d for choking Steen with a chain. The crowd was not happy. Steen demanded that the match be restarted as No DQ, but referee Paul Turner indicated he couldn’t do that. Have no fear! Nigel McGuiness called ringside and gave his OK. The match was restarted. This was a wild brawl that ended when Steen gave Jacobs a package piledriver onto a section of guardrail that Jimmy had brought into the ring.

Jay Briscoe retained the ROH World Title in about 20 minutes with a win over BJ Whitmer. Mark Briscoe was at the commentary table for this one. Jay sent Whitmer over the top and through a table at ringside and BJ was never able to recover. He ended up passing out in a choke and Todd Sinclair called for the bell.


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