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By Dave Scherer on 2013-05-19 09:59:00

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Ok, I am puzzled. Raw is televised on a commercial cable network called USA. So, when a match is on, and a commercial break has to occur, instead of telling the audience to stay tuned more to come after this message from our sponsors – you know commercial time the thing USA sells to make money to keep their network going and the only reason they present WWE programming to begin with: advertisers – the play by play guy advises you to blow the commercials off and watch the match continue live on their app as a second screen experience? If you can watch the match anyway on the app, why even go to commercial break? Now, if I bought time for my product specifically for that moment and the WWE did that I would be a little miffed. Not to mention the USA network isn’t getting any money either for me viewing the WWE’s app so don’t you think they would be too? Just saying… Oh and speaking of dumb, why on earth would you have your ring side announce team during the Raw on the Monday before your first post mania PPV bring up the fact that this show is so utterly important to your fans that two WWE hall of famers, one the voice of a wrestling generation (not to mention HE LIVES in the town RAW is broadcasting from) and the other a direct participant at one time in one of the key feuds that is driving the whole reason for the PPV you are promoting (hello Brock broke his arm) are instead of watching the show (hell in Ross’s case he could have been at the show) chose instead to go out and hunt. On a Monday, they could have chosen any day of the week mind you but no they chose Monday. Oh and you point all this out to the audience for the purpose of a fat joke that wasn’t funny in the slightest. That’s almost as stunning as Jerry Lawler taking his attention away from three hotties sitting at ringside and telling everyone else “we need to call the match in the ring.” Jerry Lawler, voice of reason... Do they wonder why the ratings plummet?

First off, you need to be corrected.  Ad money is great but USA cares at least as much about being the number one cable network in prime time.  The Raw audience is a vital part of that strategy since it's weekly programming.  As for the app, I wonder the same thing.  I asked one source at USA and they said it was a concession to WWE and with so many people time-shifting now, it's not a huge deal.  As for the rest, I got nothing.  It's impossible to explain stupidity.

Is TNA gonna reveal Joseph and Abyss are the same person just with Abyss trying to "be more human like" (aka acting as his own "brother" Joseph) or what? its getting confusing but I do like the parts where Joseph "freaks out" when he sees his own blood and goes all Abyss-like just not sure where they're going with it.

If they are, then Joseph is crazy since he said he was watching at home last week when Abyss returned.  There hasn't been a leak as to where they are going yet with the story.  With the mask though another big guy could always play Abyss, at least in theory.

So this crazy biker gang comes into TNA all with masks and they beat the hell out of EVERYBODY, then it takes about half a year to find out Bully is behind it, now they're ALREADY starting to deteriorate? Are they expecting new members is that why D-Lo is getting the boot?

The Aces and 8s started out with so much promise but since then, it has hit the skids.  It's a shame, but it's true.  God, I hope they aren't adding any more people.  They have too many already. 

As I'm sure you heard, at the age of 71 Sir Alex Ferguson retired as Manchester United manager after nearly 27 years, about a week/10 days ago. He, like Vince McMahon, built what was a struggling franchise into a global, highly successful brand. His retirement was felt by many as a greatness sadness and at times was mournful. However after a week of celebrations, although he will be greatly missed, it is now time to move on and look forward to the future. There is a great deal of excitement. He has also said he will not go into the dressing room or interfere with team affairs. With him leaving it got me thinking about Vince McMahon's retirement. They both have been in their respective positions for a long time and was thought they would go on forever. Their retirements was something fans feared. I hope he has the power to retire and put his feet up and not to go out in the a wooden box. How long do you think that "mournful" period will go on when he retires. Will he be able to let go and not interfere with the day to day running of WWE? Will both fans and employees be able to look forward with excitement? When to you think Vince McMahon will retire? Thanks.

I don't think he will ever retire.  Illness may force him off the road but I think as long as he lives, he will be a part of the WWE product.  Honestly, I would love to see him retire at this point.  He is a legend and has done so much for the business, without doubt.  But I also think he has lost touch with what a lot of the fans want.  Last summer, over six million people tuned in to see the three hour debut of Raw. Many of them haven't been back. Some weeks, it's more than a third of them.  That tells me that there are people out there that WANT to watch and like the product, but they just can't get into what Vince is giving them.  The creative process runs through him.  He has final say and sets the direction.  I am actually looking forward to the day that he steps away and people can step up with new ideas.

Just wondering if you ever think that people, who have never appeared on WWE TV will go into the Hall of Fame. I don't mean the likes of Sting, but guys who have worked for WWE for several years and made an impact. Surely guys like Kevin Dunn and Jim Johnston deserve a place. Without them WWE would not be the same place.

I think we will definitely see both of those men in the HOF some day.  They both deserve it (and remember, James Dudley is in there too).  Those guys belong and will be there some day. 

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