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By Mike Johnson on 2013-05-17 12:38:33
With the company about to hire an influx of new developmental talents to coincide with the opening of the company's Performance Center in Florida, several talents in the NXT/developmental system were released today. has confirmed that Derek Bateman and Briley Pierce have been released.

Bateman was seen on the final season of NXT before it morphed into the current incarnation of the series filmed in Florida. He was signed in 2007 and had been in the system for a long time.

Pierce is Ryan Nemeth, aka the younger brother of World champion Dolph Ziggler. On Twitter, he quipped, "I guarantee you that was the funniest and most entertaining "you're released" phone call in history." He had been signed to developmental in 2011.

Expect additional names to come out as there had been a fear of a major blood-letting among talents for months.

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