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By Mike Johnson on 2013-05-17 11:33:27
Warner Bros. France will release "Les Reines du Ring" (Queen of the Ring) on 7/3. This is the French comedy that WWE Studios partnered with Kare Productions on last year.

The comedy centers around a woman who has just gotten out of prison after 5 years and decides to become a WWE Diva in order to help build a relationship with her son, who has become enamored with wrestling. The woman works in a supermarket, so several of her other female co-workers decide to train with her.

The film features appearances from WWE talents CM Punk and The Miz as well as former Divas champion Eve Torres. The WWE talents are in the film for cameos and there are a lot of WWE-related materials featured over the course of the film, which climaxes at a WWE event.

WWE Studios partnered with the producers and holds the first rights for the film’s distribution here in the United States, if the French language film ever makes it to these shores. WWE has not made any official announcement yet that it will pick up the film for the American market, but touted its involvement in the production last year on their WWE Studios website.

Here's the trailer:

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