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By Dave Scherer on 2013-05-16 17:28:11

Hulk Hogan did an interview with The Las Vegas Sun, where talks about his memories of our great city, at this link.

His appearance in town got some play in the local media.  I saw a blurb about it on our Fox affiliate's entertainment show called "More Extra" last night.  Our local CBS affiliate covered it as well at this link.

TNA had a really nice get with former Mayor Oscar Goodman attending the press conference.  He is like royalty here.

Kurt Angle appeared at the USA vs. Iran vs. Russia event in New York City yesterday.  TNA has pictures of him on their website.  Angle is part of the mission to save wrestling in the Olympics.

Steven Fernandes reporting. ... Dixie Carter did an interview with The UK Sun where she mentioned that Magnus has the potential to be the next global superstar for the company.

She also talked about taking the Impact tapings on the road. - "It was a leap of faith. If we’d have done it a couple of years ago we wouldn’t have stayed in business. It was a fiscal decision — pulling the trigger at the right time — and I think we did it. It’s gone great so far, The crowds have been fantastic. We’re hoping to keep that momentum up and just grow it even more. It really translates into the shows — they have a different energy and feel to them."

She also mentioned that she is involved in every aspect of the company - "I try to hire very good people and let them do their jobs, but I am involved with everything from an oversight standpoint — and that includes creative. I try to let them have as much leeway as possible, but I’m involved, read everything and make suggestions. They work for me. I’m the only one, when I go to sleep at night, that has the ultimate responsibility for the success of failure of this company. No one else. I take that very, very seriously — and they need to too."


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