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By Mike Johnson on 2013-05-16 10:59:38
DGUSA released the footage of the Johnny Gargano heel turn from Wrestlemania weekend:

There is talk of doing a free weekly show on the website to get regular traffic to the site and promote the iPPV events. That's actually a really good idea, although the issue with giving content away is always that a portion of the audience feels entitled to whatever they get for free and doesn't want to "pay" for anything additional.

One would think the show would also be part of the Roku channel. We get asked regularly about the launch and well, it's up to Roku. They are going to work at their own pace and getting it up in time for the next set of live events isn't their priority since it's just one in another series of channels they are working on launching.

The Bravados, who have worked ROH and Pro Wrestling NOAH, will debut with the next set of shows. The pair haven't been used by ROH in some time and are not currently under contract. I was told by ROH sources it's just a case of not having something for the pair currently and there's "obviously no heat" for working here.

The 6/21 EVOLVE iPPV is themed "USA vs. The World." Set for Jacksonville, FL, it will feature:

*USA vs. Japan: AR Fox vs. EITA

*USA vs. Japan: Johnny Gargano vs. Tomahawk T.T.

*USA vs. Mexico: Shane Strickland vs. Samuray Del Sol

*USA vs. Europe: Caleb Konley vs. Tommy Taylor

*The Young Bucks vs. Anthony Nese & Brian Cage

*Jon Davis vs. Chuck Taylor

*Lince Dorado vs. Jonny Vandal

Nese is teaming with Cage with the idea that Cage is "trying out" for Nese's Premier Brand of athletes, a storyline with Nese that started at the Wrestlemania weekend events.

Online now in the Elite section is a really good interview with Caleb Konley discussing his new singles role in DGUSA, his run as a member of the Scene, what Scott Reed's status is in DGUSA, why he's been waiting for a shot, issues with how he's been booked in the past, areas the company is lacking in currently and ways to improve them, Japan, the Charlotte scene, PWX, the passing of Reid Flair and lots, lots more.

The 6/2 EVOLVE 22 iPPV in YBor City, FL at the Orpheum will feature:

*Open The Freedom Gate champion Johnny Gargano vs. Samuray Del Sol

*Open The United Gate champions The Young Bucks vs. EITA & Tomahawk T.T.

*Jon Davis vs. Brian Cage

*AR Fox vs. Lince Dorado

*The Bravado Brothers & Andrew Everett vs. Dos Ben Dejos & Shane Strickland

*Chuck Taylor vs. Caleb Konley

*Anthony Nese vs. Tommy Taylor

The company is currently running a sale for 40% off DGUSA and 20% off EVOLVE DVDs at

The NYC events will both be in venues that have previously hosted pro wrestling, but not DGUSA or EVOLVE. They are not returning to BB Kings.

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