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By Mike Johnson on 2013-05-16 10:00:11
My question is regarding TNA. I was wondering, what do they have to do to build a stronger audience? It seems like no matter what they do, they're always around that 1 million viewership mark (which is not a bad number at all). Do you think there's anything they CAN do to up it? Their programming has been good as of late, and the greater part of the year. So it's not creative. What else could they do to ounch through that glass ceiling? I would love to see TNA do a 2 million mark. Do they need to bring in a star? Or a couple of stars for that matter? Could they bring in GOLDBERG just for a month program atleast? Or maybe Batista. I get these guys would take a chunk of money from TNA but would it help them in the long run? Imagine Goldberg, Sting, AJ Styles and Batista Vs Bully Ray, Devon, D-Lo, Mr. Anderson. Would this work?

Honestly, the only thing they can do is continue to run a quality product. There is no easy fix. Hiring Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair didn't jumpstart the ratings, so hiring anyone else is a meaningless attempt at the same thing. It's just not going to happen. All they can do is try and stay the course and hopefully, hit on something that sparks the audience. That's going to take good product presented over a long period of time, nothing more.

I've noticed that in numerous hardcore/death matches there has been a bit of a bigger japanese red-haired female referee in both clips from Japan and some more recent clips from the USA. Is she well known in the hardcore community? If so, who is she

Nikkan Lee, who works for Big Japan. She's been with them for over a decade.

So, I just watched Randy Orton beat Cesaro clean on Raw. Weren't they apparently building up Cesaro just last week after jobbing him out for months? Now, after one week of saying how great he is and looking like they were going to start to rebuild him, he loses cleanly in a match where they spent more time hyping the WWE app showing Big Show in the back than talking about the match. Excuse me, but, what the hell? Cesaro must be asking himself if these nitwits in creative truly know what the hell they are doing.

As we've reported on the site, it's not a case of the company not liking him but reflective of their own back and forth when it comes to anyone but the tip-top talents. They just don't have any long term plans or outlook for any of the current roster.

During the Knockout tag match last week Velvet Sky grabbed her left knee. The same one Mickie James worked over in their match for the Knockout title. Is something wrong with it?

She was selling the knee. That's what wrestlers do over the course of matches.

During The Fabulous Moolah's (Lillian Ellison) legendary career she seemed to me to be quite stubborn in the number of times she had lost the womens title. I was wondering why that was if you know? Why was it that the great womens star Vickie Williams never won the title? Those two had such battles.

Moolah was the boss and quite frankly, when you are the boss, you make the rules. She was very, very, very selective about who she put over, which was smart, because it kept her on top for many many years.

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