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By Mike Johnson on 2013-05-15 19:39:06 reported this evening that Austin Aries was issued a "severe fine" and has apologized to Christy Hemme for the incident on Impact Wrestling last Thursday where he stood in front of her while on the ropes, trapping Hemme in the corner. Hemme had announced the incorrect team, leading to Aries making her announce the correct team before standing over her.

In the days following the incident, which was not planned, at least one wrestling reporter contacted Spike asking if Aries was going to be reprimanded for what was being deemed "sexual harassment"

TMZ also reported that Hemme accepted the apology from Aries.

As I discussed with Dave Scherer earlier today on Elite audio, the idea that Aries was trying to do anything but get heel heat out of Hemme's error seems ridiculous to me personally. The idea he was trying to "harass" her on live, national television would not only be completely bone-headed, but career suicide. It's more likely that Aries improvised to get a heel reaction out of the Hemme error, not expecting that his actions would be perceived the way they were by some.

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