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By Alan Wojcik on 2013-05-15 17:52:49

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Current ROH star “Unbreakable” Michael Elgin joined Kayfabe Wrestling Radio Tuesday Night. In a nearly 30 minute interview, he discussed his title opportunity against Davey Richards and how he got that shot, his pending title shot he got by beating Jay Lethal, his time as part of the House of Truth, his thoughts on fellow contender Jay Lethal, if he had preferred Steen be champion when he cashed in his chance, his opinion of Jay Brisco’s controversial comments and ROH’s reaction, his involvement with AIW’s JT Lightning Invitational Tournament, if he would have a problem possibly facing Veda Scott if the tournament plays out that way, what workout tips he may have for up-and-comers, what grade he gives Nigel as ‘Matchaker’, who he blames for losing the “Border Wars’ tag match against SCUM and so much more.

His time with the House of Truth and why did the House of Truth work: “You know, he (Truth Martini) just makes the smart decisions for his guys. Matt Taven has it much better than I did, because there’s no one else in the House of Truth right now. He definitely the top guy; whereas when I was in the House of Truth, I was just kind of there to make sure Roddy (Roderick Strong) was the World Champ and when he got the title, make sure he kept the TV Title when he was the TV Champ. But now, I’m on my own and I get to make my own thoughts and that’s what I plan on doing. I plan on becoming the next Ring of Honor World Champion.”

His thoughts on fellow World Title contender Jay Lethal: “I think Jay Lethal is definitely a top contender, anywhere he goes; he’s definitely proven it as of late in Ring of Honor. I did beat him for the number one contendership, so if he gets a title match before I do, there’s definitely an issue there and Nigel then is going to have to answer to me. But the good thing about Ring of Honor is no matter who is champion, there is always a ton of contenders; everybody is so good in that locker room that anyone can end up being the champion, anyone can end up being a challenger for the title. So, that’s something really good about Ring of Honor.”

What makes SCUM different from other groups in Ring of Honor (e.g. House of Truth, The Prophecy): “You know, the House of Truth, we were there to be a functional unit together; to make sure we were the best in Ring of Honor. We respected what Ring of Honor stood for and the wrestling that Ring of Honor has, we just wanted to be the best that was there. SCUM’s got a different mindset; they don’t care for Ring of Honor, they don’t want Ring of Honor to survive. They just want SCUM to be the end-all, be-all and they want Ring of Honor out of business. So there’s a big difference there, we looked at it as we just wanted to be the best there and they looked at it as they don’t want it there anymore.”

Would he have preferred to have faced Steen for the title or if it mattered: “Naw, you know. The Ring of Honor Title, at least to me and I think to a lot of people, means so much and that’s what really matters, becoming the Ring of Honor World Champion. It doesn’t matter who is the champion or anything, all that matters is that one day, Michael Elgin is going to be Ring of Honor World Champion. So, no matters who holds that belt, you know they are at the top of their game and beaten somebody at the top of their game and that’s a hard path and I’m all about the challenge.”

You can follow Michael on Twitter (@ROHMichaelElgin) in order to get the latest news, notes and event information where he will be performing. You can also see Michael weekly on Ring of Honor television programming, through your local Sinclair Broadcasting Group stations and at the upcoming “Best in the World iPPV on June 22nd; visit or Ring of Honor on Twitter (@ringofhonor) for the latest on upcoming events, listing of stations showing Ring of Honor programming and for iPPV ordering information. He will also be part of the JT Lightning Invitational Tournament, go to for information on the tournament, roster of talent and match-ups.

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