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By Kris Zellner on 2013-05-14 07:00:00

Thanks to The Cubs Fan you can see Shinsuke Nakamura dancing with La Peste Negra during the intro of yesterday's Arena Coliseo show here:


Various sources have confirmed as well as the exposed tattoos on his body that the identity of the new Pierroth is none other than the former Poder Mexica aka Toro Blanco who is better known recently as the father of Rush & Mistico II as well as being the brother of EMLL Director Franco Colombo. Nepotism runs rampant in wrestling and in this promotion in general so this shouldn't come as a surprise but this guy was horrible in 2003 and not much better now.


AAA 5/12 - Plaza de Toros Alejandra de Durango (Sin Limite taping = both brands)
1. Lucky Boy & Nino de Ebano beat Carta Brava Jr. & Dr. Cerebro
2. Eterno/Gran Apache/Black Mamba defeated Aero Star/Atomic Boy/Axel who was mocked by Daga afterwards and chased him off.
3. Argos/Chessman/Halloween beat Angelico/Drago/Jack Evans and after the match Chessman challenged Hijo del Texano to a shot at his AAA Mega Heavyweight Title which brought out the champ who told him that Heavy Metal wasn't a worthy challenger but he was and accepted the challenge presumably for Triplemania XXI.
4. El Consejo (Hijo del Texano/Silver Kain/Villano IV) defeated The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown) when V-4 fouled and pinned Psycho. V-4 stated afterwards that he and his brothers were the premier trio in lucha libre which brought out La Parka Jr. who said that he could find two partners to face them at Triplemania XXI.
5. No DQ Match: Los Perros del Mal (Perro Aguayo Jr./Daga/Psicosis Original) beat Cuervo/Ozz/La Parka Jr.

EMLL 5/12 - Arena Coliseo
1. Metatron & Sensei beat Apocalipsis & Cholo
2. Hombre Bala Jr./Metalico/Super Halcon Jr. defeated Cancerbero/Hijo del Signo/Raziel with Metalico & Signo ripping up each other's masks.
3. Demus 3:16/Pequeno Warrior/Pierrothito beat Astral/Ultimo Dragoncito/Universito Dos Mil (subbing for Stukita) - Dragoncito at one point hit a dive to the 4th row where he took out a beer vendor.
4. Lightning Match: Blue Panther fought Virus to a 10:00 draw in one of the best matches this promotion has had in recent memory. This was all on the mat as neither one of them touched the ropes or used any type of strike on each other. Fans threw money in the ring afterwards in appreciation and both men hugged afterwards. This was awesome stuff.
5. Kraneo/Rey Bucanero/Rey Escorpion defeated Brazo de Plata/Delta/Guerrero Maya Jr. when Rey fouled and pinned Porky.
6. Mascara Dorada/Rush/Titan beat Felino/Shinsuke Nakamura/Negro Casas with Dorada using a Casita to go over Negro. Dorada then challenged him for a shot at his CMLL Welterweight Title afterwards which Negro said that he would have to beat him a couple of more times before that would happen. They are teasing Rush vs. Nakamura sometime down the road.

EMLL 5/12 - Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara
1. Relampago Azul & El Yaky beat Indigo & El Tapatio
2. Black Metal/Hijo del Javier Cruz/Virgo defeated Espectrum/Infierno/Jocker
3. Esfinge/Leo/Smaker beat Exterminador/Mr. Trueno/Rey Trueno
4. Stuka Jr. defeated Rafaga
5. Mephisto & Pierroth beat Diamante Azul & Thunder by DQ when Mephisto ripped off Azul's mask.

Independent 5/11 - Palacio de los Deportes de Villahermosa
1. ?
2. Full Back Jr./Guerrero Mixteco/Guerrero Mixteco Jr. defeated Ave de Fuego Jr./Centenario/Pequeno Maya
3. Forajido/Tribal/Diva Salvaje beat Crossman/Enigma/Pasion Kristal
4. Krosty/Fabi Apache/Lolita defeated Lince/Sexy Lady/Taya Valkyrie
5. Birdman/Birdman Jr./El Mesias beat Electroshock/Full Back/Toscano by DQ when Electro fouled Mesias.

IWRG 5/12 - Arena Naucalpan
1. Dragon Celestial & Fulgore beat Galaxy & Seiya
2. Imposible & Picudo Jr. defeated Diva Salvaje & Miss Gaviota
3. Alan Extreme/Canis Lupis/Apolo Estrada Jr. beat Centvrion/Fresero Jr./Golden Magic
4. Danny Casas/Eterno/Super Nova defeated Chico Che/Dinamic Black/Tony Rivera
5. Pirata Morgan/Hijo del Pirata Morgan/Toscano beat La Dinastia de la Muerte (Negro Navarro/Las Traumas I y II)

TxT 5/11 - Gimnasio Juan de la Barrera del Distrito Federal (at least 50% full) (Abogado del Diablo who is an independent luchador was honored during the show after losing his right foot in a motorcycle wreck recently)
1. Bobby Lee Jr. & Poseidon beat Imposible & Maquina Infernal
2. Ruleta de la Muerte - Semifinals: La Cholita & Esther Moreno defeated Diosa Maya & Violeta
3. Ruleta de la Muerte - Semifinals: Chica Tormenta & Lady Apache beat Cristal & Rossy Moreno with the fans booing the match afterwards.
4. Ruleta de la Muerte - Finals: Cristal & Rossy Moreno defeated La Cholita & Esther Moreno - There was no reason given why Esther & Cholita were in this match considering they won earlier.
5. Caballera contra Mascara: Esther Moreno beat La Cholita who was unmasked as Maria Christina Valle Flores from Tijuana with 26 years experience. Cholita won the first fall and the fans thought for sure Esther was getting her hair cut which made them angry but they were then told that there were two falls left since it wasn't announced as a 3 fall match and some of the women from earlier actually came out to celebrate Cholita's supposed victory. Cholita announced afterwards that she would be retiring this year.
6. Angel Blanco Jr./Hijo del Medico Asesino/Hijo del Solitario defeated Huracan Ramirez/Rayman/Villano IV when Blanco fouled and pinned Rayman. Solitario then challenged V-4 to a mask match afterwards which was accepted but won't happen.
7. Lucha el Muerte: L.A. Par-K beat Dr. Wagner Jr. in a very screwy finish as Par-K pulled referee Black Terry on him at one point as Wagner splashed him which also occured after multiple ref bumps. Wagner followed with the Wagner Driver that Terry actually counted the pinfall for but then he got up and raised Par-K's hand calling for the DQ. The fans and Doc were furious at this afterwards. Lots of blood and chair shots here as well as Par-K setting a Wagner shirt on fire while it was on a chair which he used on Doc. Par-K didn't show up for the post show press conference due to blood loss supposedly but Doc was there and was angry about the finish saying he wants the mask match now.



5/17 - Gimnasio Miguel Hidalgo de Puebla (Sin Limite taping = both brands)
1. Lucky Boy & Nino de Ebano vs. Carta Brava Jr. & Fresero Jr.
2. Axel/Dinastia/Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Argos/Mini Abismo Negro/Black Mamba
3. Fabi Apache & La Jarochita vs. La Hechicera & Mari Apache
4. Los Mirreyes (Alan Stone/Elegido/Toscano) vs. Los Perros del Mal (Halloween/Psicosis Original/Perro Sorpresa)
5. Fenix/Heavy Metal/La Parka Jr. vs. Chessman/Parka Negra/Pentagon Jr.
6. Blue Demon Jr./Electroshock/El Mesias vs. El Consejo (Hijo del Texano/Mascara Ano Dos Mil Jr./Silver Kain)

5/24 - Auditorio Municipal de Tampico (EVOLUCION taping)
1. Freelance/Saturno/Black Mamba vs. Carta Brava Jr./Eita/Micke Segura
2. Flamita/Fabi Apache/Octagoncito vs. Eterno/Taya Valkyrie/Mini Charly Manson
3. Angelico & Jack Evans vs. Crazy Boy & Joe Lider
4. Escoria/Fenix/La Parka Jr. vs. Daga/Parka Negra/Pentagon Jr.
5. The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown) vs. El Consejo (Mascara Ano Dos Mil Jr./Silver Kain/Villano IV)
6. Cibernetico vs. Perro Aguayo Jr.


5/19 - Arena Coliseo de Coacalco
1. Scramble Match - Participants: Aero Boy/Astro Rey/Belial/Canelo Casas/Kenbai/Milanito Collection a.t.
2. 3 Way Dance: Silueta vs. Chica Tormenta vs. Christina von Eerie
3. Valiente & Virus vs. Las Traumas I y II
4. 3 Way Dance: Extreme Tiger vs. Magnifico vs. Stuka Jr.
5. Black Terry vs. Arkangel de la Muerte
6. Super Libre: Rush vs. Masada
7. Negro Casas vs. Negro Navarro


5/13 - Arena Puebla
1. Asturiano & Black Tiger vs. Espiritu Maligno & Fuerza Chicana
2. Astral/Pequeno Halcon/Stukita vs. Nitrito/Pequeno Olimpico/Pierrothito
3. Diamante/Sagrado/Stigma vs. Los Cancerberos del Infierno (Cancerbero/Raziel/Virus)
4. Brazo de Plata/Diamante Azul/Titan vs. La Fuerza TRT (Damian el Terrible/Rey Bucanero/Tiger)
5. Los Cadetes del Aire (Mascara Dorada/Mistico II/Valiente) vs. Los Revolucionarios del Terror (Dragon Rojo/Polvora/Rey Escorpion)

5/14 - Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara
1. Bengala & Robin vs. Demonio Maya & Sadico
2. Sky Kid vs. Disturbio
3. El Gallo/Rey Cometa/Triton vs. El Barbaro Cavernario/Namajague/Shigeo Okumura
4. Delta/Guerrero Maya Jr./La Mascara vs. Felino/Misterioso II/Olimpico
5. Maximo/Rush/La Sombra vs. Negro Casas/Shinsuke Nakamura/Volador Jr.

5/14 - Arena Mexico
1. Horus & Oro Jr. vs. Guerrero Negro Jr. & Zayco
2. Metalico/Soberano/Stigma vs. Hijo del Signo/Los Hombres del Camoflaje (Artillero y Super Comando)
3. Luna Magica/Marcela/Silueta vs. Mima Shimoda/Tiffany/Zeuxis
4. Lightning Match: Hijo del Fantasma vs. Shigeo Okumura
5. Atlantis/Blue Panther/Titan vs. Mr. Aguila/Morphosis/Psicosis
6. Los Cadetes del Aire (Mascara Dorada/Mistico II/Valiente) vs. La Fuerza TRT (Damian el Terrible/Rey Bucanero/Tiger)

5/17 - Arena Mexico
1. Molotov & Sensei vs. Akuma & Apocalipsis
2. Pegasso/Starman/Triton vs. Escandalo/Hooligan/Nitro
3. Guerrero Maya Jr./Rey Cometa/Sagrado vs. Kraneo/Namajague/Olimpico
4. En Busca de un Idolo: Fuego vs. Vangelis
5. En Busca de un Idolo: Stuka Jr. vs. Tiger
6. Brazo de Plata/Rush/Thunder vs. Los Sicarios del Infierno (Averno y Mephisto)/Volador Jr.
7. Diamante Azul/Maximo/La Sombra vs. Shinsuke Nakamura/Negro Casas/Pierroth

<b>5/19 - Arena Coliseo de Guadalajara
1. Brillante & Meteoro vs. Pirana & Thunder Boy
2. Azteca de Oro & El Divino vs. Demonio Rojo & Evola
3. Esfinge/Halcon de Plata/The Hippie vs. Demonio Maya/Exterminador/Sadico
4. Angel de Oro/Sagrado/Smaker vs. Malefico/Shinsuke Nakamura/Shigeo Okumura
5. Diamante Azul vs. Mephisto

5/19 - Arena Mexico
1. Bengala & Freesbee vs. Herodes Jr. & Ramstein
2. Aereo/Bam Bam/Shockercito vs. Demus 3:16/Pequeno Violencia/Pequeno Warrior
3. Fuego/Hijo del Fantasma/Hombre Bala Jr. vs. Misterioso II/Puma King/Virus
4. Lightning Match: Delta vs. Polvora
5. Atlantis/Blue Panther/Brazo de Plata vs. Dragon Rojo/Rey Escorpion/Bobby Zavala
6. Los Cadetes del Aire (Mascara Dorada/Mistico II/Valiente) vs. Negro Casas/Niebla Roja/Ultimo Guerrero</b>


6/15 - Unidad Deportiva Morelos de Colima
1. ?
2. Chamaco Anguiano & Vaquero vs. General de la Muerte & Terremoto
3. Jennifer Blake/Dinastia/Mascarita Divina vs. Cinthia Moreno/Mini Monster Clown/Mini Psycho Clown
4. Mascara Sagrada Jr./Octagon/Tinieblas Jr. vs. Perro Aguayo Jr./Hijo del Texano/Parka Negra


5/14 - Arena Aficion de Pachuca
1. Sacristan del Diablo vs. Millenium
2. Dragon Latino & Jhon Crazy vs. Kronico & Medics I
3. El Ciclope & Drastick Boy vs. Alejandro I & Kid Jaguar
4. Chico Che & La Plaga vs. Guerrero Mixteco & Niko
5. Zumbi vs. Veneno

5/15 - Arena Coliseo de San Luis Potosi
1. Bogar Jr./Meteoro/Turbo Kid vs. Dragon Fury/Rey Aguila/Silver Slam
2. Dark Moon & Latin Queen vs. Akira & Miss Fantasy
3. Mascara contra Distrito Federal Heavyweight Title contra IWL Jr. Heavyweight Title: Astro Latino vs. Fresero Jr.  (c) vs. Cerebro Negro (c)
4. Oro Azul/Las Traumas I y II vs. Black Xtreme/Dr. Cerebro/Alex Guajardo
5. 3 Way Dance: Joe Lider & Rey Latino vs. Eterno & X-Fly vs. Fantasma de la Opera & Zumbido

5/16 - Palenque de la Feria de Chilon
1. ?
2. ??
3. Dinastia & Mascarita Divina vs. Mini Chessman & Mini Psicosis
4. Fenix & La Parka Jr. vs. Chessman & Pentagon Jr.

5/17 - Arena Queretaro
1. Luminoso & Sangre de Dragon vs. Kastigador & Vengador
2. Goya Kong & Marcela vs. Amapola & Tiffany
3. Fuego Latino vs. Mr. Niebla
4. La Mascara & Valiente vs. Dragon Rojo & Rey Escorpion
5. Atlantis/La Mascara/Mistico II vs. Los Guerreros Laguneros (Euforia/Niebla Roja/Ultimo Guerrero)

<b>5/18 - Arena Cuautepec (2nd Anniversary Show)
1. Divino & Mini Mantyz vs. Demencia & Mini Cobra
2. Gumaro & Thanathor vs. Darma & Ultimo Diamante
3. Torneo Cibernetico Reyes del Aire - Participants: Adamantium/Centella Oriental/Conquistador/Cosmos Negro/Electroman/Hassan/Kivito/Kronos
4. 4 Way Dance por el Trofeo Senor Cuautepec: Hijo del Fantasma vs. Veneno vs. Felino vs. Rey Bucanero
5. Steel Cage Match where the loser must unmask - Participants: Ahijado de la Muerte/Clon/King Flash/Mantyz/Hijo del Signo/Lirio de Plata/Rayan/Taloz</b>

5/18 - Instalaciones de la Feria de Chilon
1. Brillantina & Lazerito vs. Granda Man & Murcy Jr.
2. Murcy Jr. II vs. New Fire Jr.
3. Dinastia & Mascarita Divina vs. Mini Chessman & Mini Psicosis
4. Por la Copa Tseltal: Fenix & La Parka Jr. vs. Chessman & Pentagon Jr.

5/18 - Lienzo Charro de Huixquilucan
1. Dinastia & La Parkita vs. Mini Murder Clown & Mini Psycho Clown
2. Drago & Fenix vs. Nygma & Polvo de Estrellas
3. Mexican Power (Crazy Boy/Joe Lider/Juventud Guerrera) vs. The Inferno Rockers (Machine Rocker/Soul Rocker/Uro Rocker)
4. Electroshock & Heavy Metal vs. Hijo del Texano & Mascara Ano Dos Mil Jr.

5/18 - Palenque de la Feria de Coatzacoalcos
1. Changuis Mono/Estrella Metalica/Slayer vs. Oro Blanco/Sacrilegio/Sendhu
2. Kid Drago/Mascarita Sagrada/Octagoncito vs. Apostol Negro/Mini Chessman/Mini Psicosis
3. Fabi Apache & Cinthia Moreno vs. Pasion Kristal & Yuriko
4. Jack Evans & Octagon vs. Chessman & Silver Kain
5. Cibernetico/El Mesias/La Parka Jr. vs. The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown)

<b>5/19 - Explanada de la Delegacion de San Lorenzo Toxico
1. Dinastia & Octagoncito vs. Mini Murder Clown & Mini Psycho Clown
2. La Jarochita/Cinthia Moreno/Pasion Kristal vs. Sexy Lady/Taya Valkyrie/Yuriko
3. Alebrije II/Atomic Boy/Super Fly vs. The Inferno Rockers (Devil Rocker/Machine Rocker/Soul Rocker)
4. Jack Evans/El Mesias/Octagon vs. El Consejo (Hijo del Texano/Mascara Ano Dos Mil Jr./Silver Kain)</b>

5/19 - Gimnasio Josue Nerue Santos de Ciudad Juarez
1. ?
2. ??
3. ???
4. Mascarita Divina/Mascarita Sagrada/Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Mini Abismo Negro/Mini Charly Manson/Black Mamba
5. The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown) vs. L.A. Par-K/La Parka Jr./Parka Negra

<b>5/20 - Central de Abastos de Ecatepec
1. ?
2. ??
3. Dinastia & Mascarita Divina vs. Mini Charly Manson & Mini Psicosis
4. Tigre Lee/La Jarochita/Lolita vs. Sexy Lady/Taya Valkyrie/Black Mamba
5. The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown) vs. The Inferno Rockers (Devil Rocker/Machine Rocker/Soul Rocker)

5/25 - Auditorio Jose Maria Morelos de Sahuayo
1. Mascarita Sagrada/Octagoncito/La Parkita vs. Mini Abismo Negro/Mini Chessman/Mini Psicosis
2. Fabi Apache & Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Mari Apache & Yuriko
3. Elegido & Toscano vs. Cuervo & Ozz
4. Cibernetico/El Mesias/La Parka Jr. vs. Gronda II/Hijo del Texano/Parka Negra

5/27 - Instalaciones de la Feria de Abasolo
1. ?
2. ??
3. Mascarita Divina & La Parkita vs. Mini Chessman & Mini Psicosis
4. The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown) vs. The Inferno Rockers (Machine Rocker/Soul Rocker/Uro Rocker)
5. Drago & La Parka Jr. vs. Chessman & Ultimo Gladiador

5/31 - Plaza de Toros de Autlan
1. ?
2. ??
3. ???
4. Dinastia & La Jarochita vs. Octagoncito & Sexy Lady
5. The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown) vs. Argos/Drago/Pentagon Jr.</b>

6/1 - Arena Poza Rica de Veracruz
1. Avatar & Pirana vs. Astro & Enterrador
2. Flayer Boy & La Parkita vs. Espectrito II & Mini Histeria
3. Destello Azul/Silencio Azul/Gabriel o Gabriela vs. Mr. Coyote/Demasiado/Pentagon Jr.
4. Electroshock/Fenix/Vengador Radioactivo vs. Chessman/Peligro/Ricky Marvin

<b>6/1 - Palacio de los Deportes de Villahermosa
1. ?
2. ??
3. ???
4. Demoledor/Tribal/Diva Salvaje vs. Forajido/Lince/Pequeno Maya
5. The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown) vs. Full Back/Ultimo Gladiador/Pasion Kristal
6. Cibernetico & Crazy Boy vs. Perro Aguayo Jr. & Psicosis Original</b>

6/8 - Arena Azteca Budokan de Neza (benefit show for Billy el Malo who suffered a severe hand injury recently after being assaulted that has kept him out of action)
1. ?
2. ??
3. Dinastia & Mascarita Divina vs. Mini Charly Manson & Mini Chessman
4. El Brazo/Mari Apache/Polvo de Estrellas vs. La Hechicera/Black Mamba/Yuriko
5. Aero Star/Crazy Boy/Super Fly vs. The Inferno Rockers (Devil Rocker/Machine Rocker/Soul Rocker)
6. Electroshock/La Parka Jr./Luchador Sorpresa vs. Chessman/Silver Kain/Luchador Sorpresa

<b>6/9 - Arena Juba de Reynosa
1. ?
2. ??
3. Octagoncito vs. Mini Charly Manson
4. Monster Clown & Murder Clown vs. The Panther & Tigre Lee
5. Elegido & La Parka Jr. vs. Electroshock & Toscano</b>


5/18 - Ex-Conasupo de Los Reyes la Paz
1. Andy Boy/Atlas/Ramses vs. Antrax/Hell Boy/Leviathan
2. Haciel & Karate Kid vs. Carrona & Terror
3. Extreme Rules: Jhon Terry/Orion/Verbo vs. Fantasma de la Opera/Leon Rojo/Ovett
4. Steel Cage Match where the loser gets shaved or unmasked - Participants: Asesino Negro/Dave the Clown/Groon XXX/Niko/Tony Rivera/Rothen Clown/Star Boy Jr./Zumbido

6/8 - Teatro Zaragoza de Atizpan
1. Arkanos/Kilvan/Yoruba vs. Kid Jaguar/Las Medics I y II
2. Cuadrangular de Atomicos: Angel del Amor/Chucho el Roto/Iron Love/Yakuza vs. Atomic Star/Carrona/Periko/Terror vs. Centinela/Quimico/Samael/Tormento vs. Infierno Kid Jr./Ojo Diabolico Jr./Sepulturero/Ultimo Vampiro
3. Pentagon Jr./Shadow/Lolita vs. Fresero Jr./Sexy Lady/Pasion Kristal
4. Street Fight por la Copa Femenil Extrema IWL: Ludark Shaitan (c) vs. Crazy Mary
5. Guerra de Empresas: Argenis/Drago/Fenix vs. Black Terry/Dinamic Black/Dr. Cerebro vs. Carta Brava Jr./Cerebro Negro/Fantasma de la Opera vs. Drastick Boy/Paranoico/Super Mega vs. Epitafio/Leviathan/Rocky Santana vs. Eterno/Super Nova/X-Fly vs. Niko/Pagano/Luchador Sorpresa vs. Tony Rivera/Scorpio Jr./Zumbido
6. Super Libre por el IWL Trios Titles: The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown) (c) vs. Los Porros (Angel o Demonio/Leon Rojo/Ovett)


5/16 - Arena Naucalpan
1. Serpiente de Oro vs. Dragon Celestial
2. Centvrion & Golden Magic vs. Eita & Tomahawk
3. Chico Che/Dinamic Black/Dr. Cerebro vs. AK-47/Cerebro Negro/Fierro
4. Pirata Morgan/Hijo del Pirata Morgan/Pirata Morgan Jr. vs. Cien Caras Jr./Dr. Wagner III/Eterno
5. Por el Junior de Juniors: Factor (c) vs. Carta Brava Jr.


<b>6/1 - Arena Lopez Mateos
1. Cazador/Epidemia/Vortize vs. Aramis/Moria/Shadow
2. 4 Way Dance: Arumi vs. Baby Star vs. Bastet vs. Felina Metalica
3. Danny Boy/Gran Apache II/Robin vs. Gallego/Romano Garcia/Rocky Santana
4. El Triangular de la Muerte (Gran Cuchillo/Kahoz/Rambo) vs. Arkangel de la Muerte/Escandalo/Soberano
5. Aero Boy & Violento Jack vs. Averno & Ephesto
6. Relevos Increibles: Brazo de Plata/Stuka Jr./Rey Bucanero/Ultimo Guerrero vs. La Mascara/Rush/Damian el Terrible/Rey Escorpion</b>


5/14 - Plaza de Toros Monumental de Arizpe
1. ?
2. ??
3. La Amazona & Mini Laredo Kid vs. La Hiedra & Mini Rio Bravo
4. Revancha Match: Los Poderosos (Hombre sin Miedo/Rio Bravo/Sobredosis) vs. Los Emisarios de la Muerte (Adal Castillo/Valente Castillo/Luzbel)
5. The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown) vs. Los Perros del Mal (Perro Aguayo Jr./Daga/Halloween)


5/14 - Arena Coliseo de Monterrey
1. ?
2. ??
3. Dralion vs. Rey Orion
4. Galactar & Skayde vs. Chico Latino & Kaientai
5. Mascara Purpura & Super Crazy vs. Caifan I & Rico Rodriguez


6/1 - Casino del Pueblo de Comacalco
1. ?
2. ??
3. ???
4. ????
5. Perro Aguayo Jr. & Hijo del Lizmark vs. Hijo del Texano & Mascara Ano Dos Mil Jr.


5/13 - Arena Cuatro Caminos de Nuevo Laredo
1. ?
2. Amazona & Lady Puma vs. La Hiedra & Hija del Karonte
3. Hijo del Fishman/Sobredosis/Black Mamba vs. Hijo del Canek/Perseus/Skayde
4. Angel o Demonio & Ovett vs. Halloween & Psicosis Original
5. The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown) vs. Los Perros del Mal (Perro Aguayo Jr./Daga/Super Crazy)


6/1 - Salon Medina de Ciudad Campeche
1. ?
2. Fugaz de Oro & Luchador Sorpresa vs. Cholo Extreme & Snow Metal
3. Angel Celestial & Negro Misterio vs. Asesino Negro Jr. & Lobo Siberano
4. Axel/Moncho Cachondo/Super Raton vs. Drakull/Halcon Rojo Jr./Mecanico Infernal


6/30 - Arena Solidaridad
1. ?
2. ??
3. ???
4. Ares & Belial vs. Terremoto Negro & Tornado
5. Las Traumas I y II vs. Cerebro Negro & Dr. Cerebro
6. 3 Way Dance: Hijo del Santo vs. L.A. Par-K vs. Dr. Wagner Jr.


5/26 - Nueva Arena Poza Rica de Tlahuac
1. Baby Star Jr. & Gran Bufalo vs. Logan & Rey Muerte
2. Manitas de Seda & Voladorcito vs. Enfermero de la Muerte & Guerrerito
3. Avatar & Robin vs. Azgar & Piloto Infernal
4. Kraneo/Manos de Seda/Unicornio vs. La Mafia Colombiana (Black Lord/La Cobra del Amor/El Gangster)


6/2 - Domo de la Feria de San Luis Potosi
1. ?
2. Fabi Apache/Octagoncito/Pimpinela Escarlata vs. Taya Valkyrie/Mini Psicosis/Yuriko
3. The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown) vs. The Inferno Rockers (Devil Rocker/Machine Rocker/Soul Rocker)
4. Electroshock/Elegido/La Parka Jr. vs. Chessman/Parka Negra/Ultimo Gladiador
5. Steel Cage Match: Cibernetico & El Mesias vs. Perro Aguayo Jr. & Hijo del Texano


6/6 - Estadio Teodoro Mariscal de Mazatlan
1. ?
2. ??
3. Fly Metal & Tornado vs. Black Mamba & Yuriko
4. The Psycho Circus (Monster Clown/Murder Clown/Psycho Clown) vs. The Inferno Rockers (Devil Rocker/Machine Rocker/Soul Rocker)
5. Lucha con Explosivos por el AAA Cruiserweight Title: Daga (c) vs. Joe Lider


5/19 - Arena Lopez Mateos (46th Anniversary Show)
1. ?
2. ??
3. ???
4. Torneo por la vacante AULL Lightweight Title - Participants: Eita/Flamita/Freelance/Rey Kristal/Sadico/Micke Segura/Spider Boy/Yakuza
5. UWE Tag Titles: Ricky Marvin & Super Crazy (c) vs. Crazy Boy & Joe Lider
6. 4 Way Dance por el Trofeo Universo: Canek vs. Dr. Wagner Jr. vs. Perro Aguayo Jr. vs. Blue Demon Jr.


6/2 - Arena Coliseo de Reynosa
1. ?
2. ??
3. Perseus & La Hiedra vs. Barba Roja & Estrellita
4. Los Oficiales (AK-47/Fierro/911) vs. Carta Brava Jr./Eterno/Freelance
5. Fuerza Guerrera & Solar I vs. Dr. Cerebro & Negro Navarro



5/31 - Auditorio Municipal de Tijuana
1. Black Saigon & Dragon Chino vs. Firebird & Silencio Negro
2. Ryan Kidd/Eddie Randle/SoCal Crazy vs. Duke/Johnny Goodtime/Johnny Yuma
3. Cuadrangular de la Muerte: Angel Garces vs. Enfermero Jr. vs. King Azteca vs. Rubi Gardenia
4. Atlantis vs. Ultimo Guerrero
5. Mil Mascaras & Rayo de Jalisco Jr. vs. Canek & Cien Caras


5/17 - Auditorio Municipal de Tijuana
1. ?
2. ??
3. ???
4. ????
5. Hijo del Santo & L.A. Par-K vs. Angel Blanco Jr. & Dr. Wagner Jr.



5/18 - Salon la Plaza in Santa Clarita, California
1. Sangre de Indio vs. X
2. Lightning Match: Blood Eagle vs. Laberinto
3. Hector Canales/Jaguar de Oro/Scarecrow vs. Aero Boy/Golden Scorpion/Meteorik
4. Bionico/Lestat Jr./Mercurio vs. Latigo Blanco/Sombra Infernal/Super Natural
5. Durango Kid/Misterioso/Mr. Tempest vs. Acero Dorado/Euforia/Shamu


5/19 - Silverado Rodeo Arena in Laredo, Texas
1. ?
2. ??
3. Fantasma Dos Mil & Sexy Subita vs. Craster & Mascara Brillante
4. Extassis/Jack/Omega vs. Drako/Nefasto/Thunder
5. Astuto/Diamante/Simbolo Dos Mil vs. Hijo del Mongol Chino/Maldad Adicta/Perverso


6/2 - Fuego Western Club in McAllen, Texas
1. Hijo del Al Cruz Jr. & Zarzy Tiger vs. Aguila Azteca & Karate Lee
2. Angel Espacial/La Trevi/La Parkita vs. Maldicion/Karla Maria/Piratita Morgan
3. Diana la Cazadora & La Hiedra vs. Hija del Zarzy & Wendy
4. Brazo de Plata/Hijo del Santo/Luchador Sorpresa vs. Akiles/Hijo del Pierroth/Spawn


5/19 - Boys & Girls Club in East Los Angeles, California
1. Los Luchas (Phoenix Star & Zokre)/Robby Phoenix/Seville the Thrill/Warhog vs. Animaniac/D'Lux/Eragon/Extassis/Viento
2. Hector Canales/Kayam/L.A. Dragon/Latigo Blanco vs. Kanalla/Ursus/X-Torm/Zarco
3. El Bionic/Lestat/O.G. Playboy/Thunderwolf vs. Tony Casanova/Euforia/Misterioso/TJ Boy
4. Steel Cage Match UIPW Heavyweight Title contra Caballera: Mr. Tempest (c) vs. Super Natural

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