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By Dave Scherer on 2013-05-15 09:59:00

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I'm just curious why John Cena is so frowned upon when I feel his character is a lot like Sting's was prior to the NWO as the company's go to babyface and now Sting is considered an icon where Cena is booed by anyone over the age of 10. Is it just me or is Cena not going to be truly appreciated until he is gone from wrestling or is it just that in this era we want to tear down anyone who maintains success?

I couldn't disagree with you more.  Sting was "mysterious".  He didn't say much.  Cena is as obvious as a fat lip.  He tries to be cute and witty, and it doesn't work.  Aside from that, he hardly ever sells to the heel leading up to a match.  Guys turn around and walk away rather than punch him in the face.  They stand there and listen to Cena as he says ridiculous things and again, they never lay him out.  The whole reason people root for a face is to get revenge on the heel.  No heel ever gets anything in on Cena so there is no reason to root for him.  Thus, they boo him instead.

HHH and Brock Lesnar had a pretty brutal match at Wrestlemania; so why would they take it into a cage match at a PPV called Extreme Rules? Is that not taking a step down? Shouldn't they be going at it in an even crazier fashion to continue or conclude a rivalry?

A cage is, by its nature, a brutal place to have a match.  It makes sense to me!

I would like to see a Lesnar face turn. I'd like to see Punk fire Heyman, then beat him up pretty good. This could lead to a Punk-Lesnar match , which would actually be a feud that could get people watching again. Your opinion?

Eh, I don't see it.  Lesnar and Heyman as faces?  I am not ready for that one yet.  Heyman is too good at being a heel right now.

I don't mean this as a knock on Triple H, but considering his place with the company. Do you think if Stephanie married another wrestler, they would be in the same place as Triple H is right now? On that note, if you could choose, who would you prefer Stephanie to marry and possibly run WWE in the future?

I think you are underestimating Triple H.  He has a great mind and passion for the business.  He is a very smart guy and also adept to work in a corporate environment.  I think even if he didn't marry Steph, he would have ended up in WWE management.  I think he is a great person to be in the role he is in.

How long do you think this "Brock Lesnar formula" will work. Since his return the pattern has been Brock returns attacks a wrestler. Leaves for a week. Comes back does it again. then comes back for a contract signing then the match then attacks someone else the next night to set up for another PPV match in the future. While its great to see Brock Lesnar return and its always fun to see him squash other wrestlers how long can WWE get away with the same thing over and over again?

Given the other stuff that they have booked of late?  I see no reason that it can't continue for the foreseeable future.  At least Brock is interesting.

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