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By Dave Scherer on 2013-05-14 09:59:00

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Shouldn't Big E Langston be a heel instead of a face on NXT seeing as he is a heel bodyguard on Raw and Smackdown? When Seth Rollins was called to the main roster he turned heel and became a part of The Shield and is still is a heel when he has matches on NXT? Does WWE really think that a lot of people don't know about NXT? Also is the NXT Title the "call up" title since said both men captured the title and were called up?

First off, a lot of people DON'T follow NXT.  The hardest of the hardcore fans do.  The masses do not. From a continuity standpoint, you are correct.  But if WWE wants to use NXT to teach Big E. the aspects of being a babyface, I understand that too.  The goal of NXT is to teach young talents.

If Paul Bearer gets inducted into the HOF next year, don't you think it's time that Undertaker drops his "no appearance" policy and inducts him? At this point in is career, Undertaker doesn't need to be as concerned with protecting his gimmick, especially for an occasion such as this. Plus, McMahon had a similar policy but dropped it to induct Trump.

I don't think he HAS to do it but certainly if he wants to it would be fine.  At this point, I think he can let the old "I don't talk or break character" thing go.

Why is it that Taz is never touched by the wrestlers when even Michael Cole has wrestled? Were his injuries that bad? How did it happen? Too many German suplexes on the back of the neck?

Yes, Taz has issues with neck that ended his career early.  They were more from attrition than a specific incident.  He is risking serious injury if he were to take a bump and he isn't going to do it.  I wouldn't either if I were him.

First off love the question is you see Stone Cold coming back for one more match or is the rattlesnake done for good?..I would love to see it but him being up there in age and nagging injuries it looks like we all might have to accept that he is gone an never coming back..

The door has been open for him to do so for years but he hasn't.  Like Taz, he has neck issues that caused him to retire and while he says he could work a match, I have my doubts.  Nearing 50 years old and having a bad neck, plus with the wealth he has attained, I don't know that he would want to take the chance.  He hasn't yet.  So I would say it's 50/50 at best.

Ok, I just have to ask this... Is it just me, or does every time Ryback say "Ryback Rules" the "O'Doyle Rules" from Billy Madison come to mind?

Since it's your mind, only you can answer that!

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