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By Ken Patridge Jr. on 2013-05-11 00:58:40

We just finished watching the TNA house show at the Boutwell Auditorium in Birmingham, AL. It was my first TNA show live and, as I've been a wrestling fan for 20 years, I was looking forward to it. Even taking into account that there were only around 300 people in attendance, it was pretty disappointing. No match lasted more than 12 minutes or so and they were all held back.


Superstar Spud over Robbie E with a Sunset Flip Powerbomb after a decent match.

Joseph Park over Christopher Daniel with a roll up in the most disappointing match of the night. The one guy I was looking forward to seeing more than anyone was Daniels and he got taken out of the advertised match against AJ Styles and booked in a comedy match filled with nothing bit bodyslams.

Velvet Sky over Gail Kim to retain the Knockouts Championship. This was, honestly, the match of the night... even with Bobby Roode vs AJ Styles taking place later in the show.

Chavo Guerrero Jr & Hernandez over Garrett Bischoff & Wes Brisco for the Tag Team Championships when Chavito hit a frog splash on Brisco.


AJ Styles over Bobby Roode with a loose small package after the longest match of the night at 12 minutes. Okay match. Nothing spectacular from either guy.

Bully Ray vs James Storm

Storm came out and announced he was injured after last night's IMPACT, but brought out Abyss to take on Bully Ray.

Abyss over Bully Ray via DQ when Garrett Bischoff and Wes Brisco attacked Abyss.

Afterwards, JB met us in the parking lot and took us backstage. We met Joseph Park, who was incredibly nice (as was Borash) before taking us to the merch table and hooking us up with free swag. He was a great face for the company and honestly turned the entire night around.

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